Moms Demand Action In Histrionics Over Charlottesville Open Carry, Overlooks That No Shots Were Fired

There’s a lot to be concerned about coming out of Charlottesville this past weekend, but despite the horrors, at least no one was shot, right?
Unfortunately for Moms Demand Action, that’s true. Despite numerous people open carrying firearms, there were no firearms related problems despite everything else that took place. That doesn’t stop the dedicated gun grabbers, though, does it?

Shannon Watts, on her personal page, also tried to make the claim that open carry in Charlottesville was some massive problem.

One of the followers on Moms Demand Action had this oh-so-original response.

Yes, that old canard. Unfortunately, when a black group did this in Texas, guess what happened. Nothing.

Further, let’s also note one very important thing. For better or worse, firearms were being openly carried at a protest where tensions were extremely high. There was plenty of violent clashes between protestors and counter-protestors, but you know what was missing? Gunfire.

Everywhere you looked in Charlottesville, there was every ingredient supposedly required for a bloodbath.

There were guns out in the open.

There were guns supposedly in the hands of people who hold abhorrent and hateful ideas.

There were insults flying wildly.

There were tensions sufficient enough to form diamonds, for crying out loud.

But what there wasn’t, was shooting.

It’s a shame there was any violence at all, and it was a shame that there was any loss of life. However, despite the numerous guns people like Shannon Watts will show you as evidence of how horrible Charlottesville was, what she can’t show you is a single person shot.

In fact, the one weapon used to take a life was an automobile. You know, the same thing that kills more people every year than guns and has for decades and decades?

What can we take away from this? There are a couple of things.

First, we can gather than while people were being attacked all around, those carrying firearms weren’t seriously threatened. In other words, the mere presence of a firearm deterred would be attackers from engaging.

This cannot be overstated. Guns reduce crime, and we have a prime, real-world example.

While I may disagree with that particular crowd on many key things, the fact is that while others were being injured, they weren’t.

Second, we can also gather that despite claims that these men do hold hateful ideologies, the kind that are abhorrent to the vast majority of Americans including myself, they did nothing to act on those ideologies. Either none of these men hold those views—and I’m not willing to put money down that absolutely none of them did—or holding radical views doesn’t mean you can’t be trusted to act responsibly with a firearm.

In other words, by Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action drawing attention to the open carrying at Charlottesville, they actually undermine their own case about the dangers of firearms.

Nice job, ladies. Nice job.

Hat tip: Victory Girls