Indiana Considering Major Change To Its Weapon Carry Law

For Second Amendment advocates working to improve their state’s gun carry laws, the Holy Grail is constitutional carry. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, it basically means that everyone who can legally own a firearm can legally carry that firearm in any manner they so choose without asking the state’s permission.

About a dozen states have constitutional carry in some manner (North Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming have it for residents only) currently, but many other state-focused pro-gun groups are working toward it in their states. For activists in Indiana, they can probably almost taste it as their state legislature seeks to do away with permit requirements:

A new proposal could allow people to carry loaded guns in public without a license in Indiana.

A committee of Indiana legislators met Tuesday during a public meeting to decide if they should get rid of the law that requires a license for gun owners. Safety officials and other city leaders urged lawmakers to reject the proposal.

“I’m kind of flabbergasted that they would even be considering this idea,” said Rachel Guglielmo.

Members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said the law could put everyone at risk.

Wow. Moms Demand Action thinks a pro-gun law will put everyone at risk. In other breaking news, the sky is generally blue.

In the dozen states where constitutional carry is the law, there has been no uptick in violence. This is just more of the gun control lobby’s typical scare tactics. “Blood in the streets,” they always claim, and it never pans out.

Yet they keep repeating it, and politicians keep listening.

Further, lawful gun owners are not the problem, have not been the problem, and will most likely never be the problem.

Instead, the biggest issues regarding gun violence are criminals who tend to already have felony convictions but are still able to get their hands on firearms regardless of what laws groups like Moms Demand Action try to ram down our throats.

All that constitutional carry really does is allow lawful gun owners to carry their lawfully owned weapons and carry them however they want. Lawfully.

It doesn’t empower criminals who don’t get permits as a general thing. It doesn’t allow those who can’t own guns to suddenly walk around with a pistol strapped on their hips legally. It doesn’t change who can and can’t possess a weapon.

Yes, there may be some people who wouldn’t qualify for a permit to start carrying, but allow me to ask this question: If they are such a danger that they should not be allowed to carry their firearm, why are they allowed to legally purchase one?

Let’s be honest, if these people are a threat, they’ll still be a threat even if blocked from having a permit. Criminals do not follow the law! They’re criminals, for crying out loud.

The bill is in committee in Indiana right now, and I sincerely hope it is soon passed for the benefit of all the good people of Indiana. I wish all involved in pushing this forward the best of luck!


May 27, 2022 1:15 PM ET