Coffee Company Commercial Captures Illogical Aspects Of Gun Control Perfectly

Army veteran Mat Best is hilarious. Well, he is if you don’t mind regular doses of sex jokes, references to alcohol, and profanity. Since I don’t mind any of those, I find the guy hysterical and love his videos on YouTube.

Earlier today, someone directed my attention to a new commercial Mat made for Black Rifle Coffee Company, a veteran-owned company that really doesn’t give a flying flip about selling to coastal elites or the DNC. In this one, they let Mat take aim at the complete stupidity of gun laws.

Warning for rough language and all that. If you’re familiar with Best’s work though, you know what to expect. If not, well…don’t watch this at work or if you have little ones you don’t want learning new words to share at your next family reunion.

“It is so hard to be a law-abiding criminal these days!”

This video reminds me of a cartoon I saw once. Two men stand outside of the building, armed with evil black rifles and grenades hanging from their gear. Both men are wearing ski masks to hide their identity. Unfortunately, they’re looking at a gun free zone sign and saying, “Well, damn.”

Yet not a single gun control advocate has yet to present anything approaching a coherent argument as to why any of this stuff will work. In all honesty, it’s not fair to expect them to present one.

For the exact same reason it’s not fair to expect them to present a unicorn on demand.

By definition, criminals don’t follow laws. A gun free zone sign means about as much to them as any other decorative item with no resale value, somewhere between “jack” and “squat.”

Do gun grabbers really think that scenario will play out? That a criminal will abandon his evil gun because he just found out it was against the law to have that gun?

What would really happen is that gangbanger would figure he’s the only one with a gun around, so that lets him do what he wants.

But no, the Brady Bunch (I don’t care what they call themselves, I like calling them the Brady Bunch) apparently thinks that new laws will somehow disarm criminals.

If they actually cared about fighting violent crime, they’d actually start trying to figure out just why we have it in the first place. Look at the root causes like poverty and poor education and address those rather than simply taking away the Second Amendment rights of ordinary Americans.