'What's Your Life Worth?'

If you watch videos on YouTube about guns, you know Iraqveteran8888’s work. Easily one of the most popular firearms channels on the site, from time to time he’ll have what he call “Gun Gripes” where he vents about something. Not everyone is up for gripes as a general thing, but whatever.


Today, he released a video that has an interesting premise. “What is your life worth?” They get a little rambly at points, but there’s an overall message here worth talking about.

The message of “cheap” versus “best bang for your buck” (pun fully intended) is a valid point.

For what it’s worth, my first handgun was my CZ-75B that I bought with an extra magazine and a locking case for $350 about a decade ago. Now, few people will say I didn’t get a quality gun…but that was only because I had a buddy who was willing to talk me out of a Hi Point. He also hit the pawn shops regularly to see what they had in the cases. When he saw the CZ, he knew I was shopping for a pistol and it would make a good first gun.

After work, we stopped by so I could check it out, and damned if it wasn’t kind of perfect.

To be sure, gun boards all over the internet have these arguments all the time. Some folks are like what the video quotes Barry saying, “A Hi Point on your hip is better than a Glock on layaway.” Others are of the opinion that you’re better with no gun than a gun you can’t trust. Still others take the position of arguing that there are some alternatives, but if it’s the absolute best you can do…

It’s safe to say that Eric and Chris are in that latter camp as a general rule. Frankly, I am too. Generally.

Yes, I hear from people all the time about how their Hi Point has run flawlessly for them. I hear from a lot more people who tell me their Hi Point has major issues.


Look, if you can’t afford anything better–and I mean really can’t afford, as in you’ve saved for weeks and this is literally all you can manage–then yeah, get the Hi Point or another low-end firearm. If not, however, like the title says, “What’s your life worth to you?”

That’s not just something gun snobs say to feel superior, it’s an actual thing to think about. I don’t own a single gun that would be considered “high end.” I’ve got a couple of heirloom pieces, but only one might have any value. Most are pawn shop or second-hand purchases I’ve grabbed through the years. I’m anything but a gun snob…and I think the guys up there aren’t either.

Instead, it’s something people say to get you to think about value over cost. Yeah, some guns are incredibly cheap, but they’re not good values if you can’t trust them.

I can’t speak for you, but if it came down to a $189 Hi Point or a $230 Makarov, I’d figure out how to come up with the extra $40 come hell or high water.

What about you? What do you consider the budget options worth trusting your life to?

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