One Year Of Campus Carry On Texas Campuses, And How Many Problems?

Anti-gun leftists have screamed and moaned about the idea of law-abiding concealed carry license holders being able to take their lawfully owned firearms onto college campuses. They routinely act like anyone with a gun is going to snap at any moment.


Of course, this isn’t new. After every new repeal of some anti-gun regulation, we hear the old “the streets will run red with blood” arguments, and yet they never seem to pan out that way, do they?

But campus carry is different, they say. These are kids, so there are all kinds of new problems that will make the streets run red with blood.

Well, we’re in luck. Texas has now had campus carry for a year, and how many problems have they had? None.

With a full year of the Lone Star State’s new campus carry law in the rear view, the University of North Texas has little trouble to report.

Officials with the public research university in Denton, with a 2016 enrollment of nearly 38,000 students, explained to local media that the once-controversial new law trimming gun free zones at state-funded colleges and universities for those with a carry permit hasn’t changed life on campus.

“We have had no incidents since the law passed or since the law went into effect of criminal acts by license-to-carry holders,” UNT Police Chief Ed Reynolds told the Denton Record-Chronicle. “We have had cases that involved weapons on campus, but the individuals that were carrying were not license-to-carry holders.”

The Record-Chronicle found similar results at Texas Woman’s University, another public university in Denton with an enrollment of 15,000.


Holy crap! That’s impossible!

I mean, gun grabbers tend to act like the police won’t be able to determine if a gun is being carried lawfully or not, or that somehow the law made it so just anyone could carry a firearm anywhere they wanted at any time they wanted. If they were right, there shouldn’t have been that kind of issue.

No, instead, lawfully carried weapons would have been used to gun down professors who issued bad grades or whatever.

Instead, what we see is exactly what Second Amendment advocates have said would happen. Not much of anything.

Yes, some guns found their way on campus that shouldn’t have, but that would be the case regardless of whether or not campus carry passed. Instead, what we see is that law-abiding concealed carry holders are just that, law abiding. Meaning they don’t break the law.

Time and time again, the gun grabbers screech that more guns will cause more crime, and time and time again they’re shown to be hysterical ninnies freaking out over something they simply fear on the surface, yet have no understanding of. They’re terrified of guns, the epitome of the term “hoplophobe.”


Yet, also time and time again, the law-abiding gun owner continues to simply do what he needs to do in his daily life. Occasionally, we mock those who think we’re all secret psychopaths and otherwise go about our day.

After all, they’ll always think we’re dangerous and they’ll always say so.

What they forget is that if we really were that dangerous, they’d be too terrified to say anything.

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