Licensed Glock Airsoft Guns Coming To Store Near You Soon


A lot of people like using airsoft replicas of their primary handguns for training inside the house. After all, a plastic BB is a lot easier on the furniture than a 124 grain Gold Dot. Further, airsoft is safe to fire at people wearing eye protection, making it an option for force-on-force training for folks who can’t necessarily get somewhere that using a more realistic option.


However, for those who carry Glocks, airsoft replicas aren’t really a thing. Glock is notorious for suing airsoft companies who make unlicensed replicas of their distinctive pistols.

For Glock owners hoping to find an airsoft option, there is hope.

UMAREX has announced that they will be launching licensed airsoft and BB copies of Glock pistols. According to the UMAREX’s press release, this is the first time ever Glock licenses an airsoft production. The UMAREX guns will carry original Glock markings and will come in Glock cases. These airguns are expected to hit the shelves of the stores in November 2017. They will be available worldwide.

There are no details on what Glock pistol model and generation airgun replicas they will be making. Judging by the teaser video, there’ll be a Gen3 Glock 17 copy for sure.

Besides being a nice toy for plinking, the airsoft version should also be useful for training. Airsoft guns have been used for training purposes for a while now. Whether they should be used for training or not is arguable. It has both pros and cons and is a subject for a long debate.


And, honestly, that’s not the debate we need to have just now, though it might be a good topic for discussion later.

What I will say is that for those who do use airsoft as part of their training, and who carry a Glock as their primary or their nightstand gun, this should be rather welcome news. I know I was looking at airsoft version of Glocks a while back and the pickings were nonexistent. This is welcome news, and not just for airsoft commandos.

As noted above, airsoft isn’t the only option for these Glock replicas.

Many people use BB guns for target shooting in environments where discharging an actual firearm is contraindicated. This lets them work on aiming and marksmanship in their own yard or even inside the house. By having a version that closely replicates the gun they use at the range, this may reduce the need for practicing basic marksmanship during limited range time and allow users to focus on more defensive shooting drills.

In theory, anyway.

Personally, I just think they’re pretty cool and may pick up a couple of these for general screwing around purposes. I’m not sold on airsoft as viable force-on-force training, though I’m still open to the possibility that it does work. I can see these being useful for practice inside the home, such as practice clearing your home in case of an intruder, but unless you’re planning on getting someone to set up a target somewhere that needs to be shot, I don’t see why you can’t do the same with your regular pistol or even a non-working toy pistol.


No, for me it’s just the goofy fun factor that has me interested. What about you? What do you think of airsoft pistols? Do you use them, and if so, for what?


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