Leftists Blame NRA For Las Vegas Tragedy

What happened Sunday night in Las Vegas was a horrible, senseless tragedy. Hundreds are hurt, at least 58 dead as of this writing, and a nation trying to figure out just what is going on.

Here’s a video of the concert as the attack begins:


Note the sound. Sure sounds like a fully-automatic weapon which is one of the most tightly controlled weapon categories in the country. A background check, permission from law enforcement, and national registration are just some of the hurdles one would have to go through to buy a weapon like this legally.

That doesn’t even touch on the massive expense of buying a legal full-auto firearm following the 1986 machine gun ban. Weapons like that run tens of thousands of dollars, which means that alone keeps them out of most folks’ hands.

But that won’t stop the anti-gun left.

Nope. Blame for the tragedy rest squarely on the shoulders of the National Rifle Association.

Oh, sweet and fluffy Lord.

It’s a suppressor, not a silencer. For the kinds of weapons we’re looking at being used, a suppressor is less than useless. Further, if the shooter got a legal full-auto weapon, which is doubtful, it wouldn’t have been a problem for him to get a suppressor.

If he got the weapons illegally, then there was nothing stopping him from getting a suppressor illegally.


Of course, most of us call “50 bullets” a box or two of ammo, but whatever.

Really, it keeps going on and on like that.

In fact, that’s only a very brief snapshot of the anti-NRA hatred being spewed. This from the same people who routinely call for calm reflection following a terrorist attack motivated by radical Islam. “Don’t blame all of Islam,” they say…but think nothing of blaming the NRA for something there’s no indication they had anything to do with.

Let me make this very clear to the leftists out there: This maniac used one of the most tightly controlled and regulated firearms in the country, one that requires every hoop imaginable to get your hands on legally, and killed dozens and wounded hundreds. Do you really think there’s anything that would have stopped this from happening? Anything at all?

Especially since there are so many questions we don’t have answers to. His brother claims he had no political affiliations, but that seems unlikely in this day and age. However, we still don’t know for sure. Maybe he was an odd duck these days and didn’t care. Who knows.

To be sure, there’s plenty of speculation going on. I’m not immune to it, though I won’t divulge my speculation publicly just now. However, speculation is just something people do to pass the time until we have actual facts, which are severely lacking at the moment.

What matters right now is to do whatever we can to help those who have been hurt by this tragedy, either by losing someone they care about, physically wounded in the assault, or legitimately traumatized by what they’ve been through. There are victims here, and they need our love and support far more than our wild theories about what has taken place in Las Vegas.

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims and their families, as do my wife’s and children’s. I know I’m not alone in this, and while this is something that should unify us in solidarity if only for a few moments, it’s a shame that it won’t.