Rapper Wonders Why People Need Guns, Despite Having Rapped About Them

I’m not a rap guy, so I had no clue who “Lil B” is. However, with 1.43 million followers on Twitter, plenty of people do. Apparently, he has some degree of popularity in circles that appreciate his style of music. Not only that, but he’s apparently also an author, a motivational speaker, and even launched an app a couple of years back.


Oh, yeah, he’s also a colossal hypocrite.

Lil B here has decided he needs to lecture white folks on how they don’t need to carry guns. After all, what’s there to be scared of?

Meanwhile, he’s also made money with lyrics like these from a song title “Suck My D**ck Hoe” (Yeah, really classy and motivational, don’t you think? I apologize for the language in advance):

Young Based God came straight for the b**ches
Mac-10 lay em’ on the floor like a mattress
Young Based God in Olympics

Suck my main b**ch wit’ the Glock 9 in 10k
10 on my d**k and my girlfriend persian

Let me ask you this, Lil B. Why do you feel the need to rap about guns in your songs? What are you afraid of?

Look, I’m as big of a free speech advocate as I am for gun rights, so I’m not saying Lil B has to do anything with his music. Far from it.


What I going to say, however, is that if you’re going to act like guns are only something to carry because you’re afraid, then perhaps you shouldn’t include references to them in your music unless you want to prove yourself to be a gigantic hypocrite.

I get that most rappers aren’t as hard and badass as they like to pretend in their music, but if guns are for when people are scared, then just why would you want to portray a terrified person?

Remember, Lil B, these are your rules, not mine.

Now, I only took a real quick look at the music in question, but the above excerpt wasn’t hard to find by any stretch of the imagination. I can only imagine what else I could find if I so chose.

After all, it only took two more minutes to find this:

Sending off shots, kickback make your wrist jam
Fully-loaded thing on my arm like a wristband

Lil B’s hypocrisy seems pretty obvious.

However, I’ll explain why I carry a gun since I also happen to be a white man. I carry a gun because there are people in this world who think the rules don’t apply to them. They think they can hurt me or my family because we have something they want. They think they can hurt me or my family because I’ve said something they don’t like through my work. They think they can hurt me or my family just because we exist.


I’m not afraid of these people, though. I’m not afraid because I’m prepared for them. I’m ready should they decide that I am their next target. Preparation helps eliminate the fear, so what am I afraid of? Not nearly as much as I’d be without a gun.

Put that in one of your songs.

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