NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch, Family Forced To Move After Repeated Threats

Dana Loesch frequently does commercials for the NRA. She’s a staunch Second Amendment supporter and a vocal conservative in general. She routinely spars with liberals, particularly anti-gun activists on Twitter.


Oh, yeah, she and her family have been threatened to such an extent they have been forced to move.

Galvanized by the uglier-by-the-minute Harvey Weinstein scandal, women across social media are sharing their personal stories about sexual harassment and assault, using the “#MeToo” hashtag.  Among those speaking out is National Rifle Association spokeswoman and prominent conservative personality Dana Loesch — who, for full disclosure, is also a friend of mine.  She revealed to the world on Sunday that she and her family are abandoning their home under serious duress, stemming from a whirlwind of violent threats from anti-gun leftists, a number of which have been explicitly sexual in nature.  No matter where one stands on the NRA agenda (I’m generally supportive, but sometimes take issue with the tone of their messaging and some of their decisions), this is utterly revolting and wrong:

She went on to add that there are more specific details of her ordeal that she can’t discuss, stating that she and other outspoken female supporters of the Second Amendment “are sexually threatened regularly.” (Incidentally, can anyone conceive of a less effective way to convince a woman that she’s wrong about staunchly defending her gun rights than by threatening to rape her, or to harm her children?)  Loesch proceeded to blast the double standard under which so-called ‘feminists’ turn a blind eye to flagrant, or even violent, sexism against conservative women: “Feminism should’ve defended women, regardless of party. Let ideas battle it out in the public sphere, but everyone speaks,” she concluded.  In response to her powerful tweetstorm, Loesch received a public message of support from a somewhat unlikely source:


Good for Chelsea, but that hardly eliminates the deeper problem and that is how oh-so-tolerant anti-gun crusaders are more than willing to threaten and possibly visit violence on those who they simply disagree with.

Kind of like this one.


Or this one:

Or this guy:

Remember, folks. Victim blaming is bad…unless they suffer from WrongThink, then it’s OK.

Seriously, has this ever worked to change someone’s mind on a political issue? Ever? “Well, I was a real supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, particularly for self-defense, but now that you’ve threatened to hurt me and my children, nope. No guns for anyone.” Does that even make sense in their warped little minds?

Instead, all it does is solidify the need for self-defense in the mind of a woman who already advocated for it.

Nice one, morons.

Yet this is politics in 2017. Leftists everywhere believing violence is the answer, that they can both figuratively and literally beat people into submission with their inane agenda after they lost an election. It’s childish nonsense, but it’s dangerous childish nonsense. Not only does it not work to change anyone’s minds, but it creates a terrifying environment.


I’d love to say that the threats weren’t credible, but Dana’s tweets above make it clear that it is. Photos of her home? Yeah, that makes it very real, and that doesn’t even touch on the stuff Dana can’t talk about, which she touched on briefly.

Folks, I watched her deal with all kinds of hateful comments directed at her following Las Vegas. Each and every one, she simply replied with a “God bless.” She never stooped to their level with their childish hopes of her being a victim at the next shooting, but I didn’t see this. I watched Dana handle the hatred with class, and to know that this was going on as well?

Tell you what, though. I have little doubt that any anti-gun crusader that decides to start their jihad with Dan Loesch is going to be met with a face-full of Second Amendment.


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