New Anti-Gun Rights Scare Tactics From Hollywood Elite, Everytown For Gun Safety


It’s like Harvey Weinstein is still pulling the strings in Tinsel Town. He said he’d redirect his focus on combatting the National Rifle Association, and what happens? Hollywood actors join together to make a video for Everytown For Gun Safety just days after the Hollywood producer tried to deflect sexual harassment allegations against him by offering to do battle with the NRA.


I’m not saying he is, mind you, just that it’s an amusing coincidence.

That’s where the amusement stops, however. The video itself is full of falsehood and scare tactics designed specifically to make it look like the NRA is supporting a mass stripping of American gun laws.


Just watching this, you can see the dishonesty. Actors without makeup, without their hair styled, unshaved in some cases, all sitting in front of a camera with subpar sound so it’ll feel raw and spontaneous. Yet they’re saying the same thing. Each and every one is parroting the very same Everytown talking points. It’s not raw. It’s not spontaneous. It’s calculated to make people think that these actors just got up one day and decided, “I have to do something.”

Then you get into the meat of what they say and it just gets worse.

First, let’s look at their claims about suppressors. Yes, the NRA is trying to roll back some regulations on suppressors, but everything else regarding the topic is an outright lie.

Suppressors minimize the sound, but not to the level these actors are used to portraying in their films. Real suppressors don’t do that. The most common comparison is that a suppressed gun is “only” as loud as a jackhammer. Ever been around one of those? Try telling me no one can hear them.

They’re a safety device that makes it a little safer to fire. That’s it.

Yet Everytown and their Hollywood allies, despite ample information stating just this being sent their way, continue to persist with this untruth. I’m sure they watch CNN, after all. One could be forgiven for an untruth stated in ignorance. One where the correct information is out there, yet ignored? That’s a lie, pure and simple.


Next, the issue the claim that the SHARE Act will make suppressors more accessible to dangerous people. This, too, is a lie and for a number of reasons. First is the fact that suppressor technology has been around for over a century and can be readily manufactured in many garage workshops. There is nothing stopping dangerous people from getting suppressors now. Second is the fact that the SHARE Act still mandates a background check on every purchase.

In other words, they’re treating suppressors like a semiautomatic firearm rather than a machine gun. You still have to show ID to buy it and still have to undergo a background check. It’s simply the instant check performed when purchasing a firearm, rather than the drawn out process currently in place. No one gets a suppressor without one, but good try.

Finally, they take a shot at national reciprocity, which they say will “gut” current state gun laws. That’s a bit melodramatic, even for this crowd. All national reciprocity does is allow someone who has undergone the process to get a permit in one state to use that permit in another state in compliance with that state’s laws. You know, kind of like a driver’s license.

It does not mandate anything else about state law. Not a thing. It simply forces states to recognize permits issued by other states. It doesn’t live any assault weapon bans, doesn’t destroy any gun permitting processes or any of a myriad of things many on the gun rights side would like to see obliterated. No, it just means that if I have to travel to California for some reason, I can carry my firearm. I can’t carry it anywhere the state has declared off limits or anything else that’s illegal for those with California permits to do.


That’s the worst “gutting” of state law I’ve ever seen.

But then again, there’s no effort to actually be factual here. They don’t want facts. They want fear. They want people terrified that madmen will be running the streets, gunning down people with suppressed weapons and police be unable to do a thing because they have a permit or something.

Fear is their greatest weapon, and they know it. Everytown and their Hollywood allies want people terrified because they simply can’t win on reason.

Hat tip: The Daily Wire

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