Spike's Tactical And Their Snowflake Lower

Photo courtesy of Spike's Tactical

The folks at Spike’s Tactical know who their market is. They aren’t worried about playing nice with progressive who want to put them out of business. They’re not interested in offering up platitudes designed to make them seem friendly to the anti-gun forces in hopes that somehow they’ll be left alone in a gun grabber’s Utopia.


No, they know who buys guns and they know how to reach them. This is proven by their new Snowflake lower:


The 7075 T6 forged receiver is about the least politically correct receiver humanly possible without possibly adding blood diamonds to the process somehow.

They’re currently experiencing a bit of a backorder, which isn’t really surprising. Spikes has a great reputation for producing quality receivers, while also making some awfully fun designs at the same time. The Snowflake can also be color-filled for $25 more on the $115 price tag, which isn’t bad.

Photo courtesy of Spike’s Tactical


It really brightens up the thing, don’t you think? There’s really nothing about this receiver that is designed to play nice with progressive gun grabbers, and while there are a handful of left-leaning gun owners, they tend to not be the kind demanding safe spaces and prattling on about being triggered all the time.

In fact, most of those folks I’ve spoken with are more annoying at the Special Snowflakes than some of us are, so they might be the reason Spike’s is back ordered.

Then again, looking at the comments on YouTube, maybe not.

Still, it seems unlikely that any of the negative comments are really coming from people who were going to spend money with Spike’s in the first place, which means they lost next to nothing with this effort. Plus, they’ve got all the gun media talking about them, which is good for the company as well.

Basically, it doesn’t look like they can lose with this one, even if they never sold a single receiver.


However, they apparently have. They’ve also attracted some attention to their other products, from the barebones receivers to a handful with a different logo (such as The Punisher) to the really wild version with interesting magwells, they have opened up eyes that might otherwise have missed them in the oversaturated market that is today’s AR-15 lower receiver market.

As long as they keep cranking out new and interesting products, they’ll keep getting attention as well. I’ve already got my eye on a receiver that’s not quite ready for prime time yet, myself.

If those products also happen to give a middle finger to the anti-gun side, well…I might feel bad for laughing, but I will be laughing the whole blasted time.

What about you? Do you think products like this are a “win” for the firearm industry as they’re clearly playing to the market that exists, or are they a negative because they mock people and thus making it more difficult to find common ground? Or are they one or the other for completely different reasons? Let us know in the comments.

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