Steven Crowder Challenges College Students To Change His Mind On Guns

Steven Crowder is one of the more interesting personalities on YouTube, mostly because he’s funny while also providing some pretty smart commentary. He recently tried something new. He set up a table at Texas University and challenged students to change his mind. In the process, he challenges their points of view.

Check it out:

Oh, let’s see, a trans woman who believes that there is a police brutality problem in this country, but then only wants the police to be walking around armed all the time. Of course, she also believes the police have a legal responsibility to protect people. (Narrator voice: They don’t.)

Then there’s the “pro-gun” guy who thinks everyone should get a psychological evaluation before buying a gun, but those who might be violent maybe should only be restricted to a firearm, oddly enough. Yes, really. Then again, he also seems like a support for biometrics on firearms yet thinks no one should be able to modify their firearms at all.

With pro-gun folks like that, we’ll be following Australia in no time flat.

Most importantly, however, was that we see some very respectful discussion, even while disagreeing with one another. It’s amazing the difference you see when having a face to face discussion.

As Crowder phrases it at one point in the video, the discussion taking place in this country is generally between two camps: Gun owners and the ill-informed. He’s right in many ways. There are a handful of people who do understand gun laws, despite possibly not owning a firearm, but they’re generally on the side with gun owners.

It’s amazing how many people believe, like the one guy, that you don’t have to undergo a background check to get a gun, or that we don’t already have laws in place to block violent people from getting guns.

Groups like Everytown For Gun Safety and their cohorts have done a magnificent job of misinforming the public through their lackeys in the media. They’ve presented a narrative that this country is all but handing out guns to school children, or that anyone can walk into a gun store and walk out with an arsenal in the next ten minutes.

The reality has never mattered, and Crowder actually illustrated just how poorly informed so many people are, yet they’re offering their opinions on the subject. Remember, these are people who sat down to change Crowder’s mind. They believed they were well enough informed on the subject to change someone’s mind, and just listen to them.

Folks, this is what we’re up against. This is what we have to constantly battle, and we’re not fighting on an even battlefield. We’re Polish horse cavalry trying to charge freaking tanks, all because the mainstream media has no interest in presenting an unbiased view. And yet, we’ve managed to hold on. More and more people are learning that guns aren’t what the mainstream media claims.

It’s past time we call them on their crap, and Steven Crowder deserves some serious applause for his efforts on this. I kind of hope he does the same topic the next time he sets up his table, though I can imagine there are countless other topics for him to explore.  Good job, Steven. Keep it up.