NRA Being Investigated By New York Regulators

The National Rifle Association is reportedly being investigated by New York regulators. No, it’s not that the state has finally figured out a way to undermine the organization’s strong Second Amendment stance or its effectiveness throughout the nation in blocking infringements on our right to keep and bear arms. No, it’s something far more insidious.

They’re concerned the NRA is selling their Carry Guard insurance without a license.

New York regulators launched an investigation into the National Rifle Association’s role in the self-defense insurance program that bears its name.

The probe by the state’s Department of Financial Services will focus on whether the gun lobby is improperly promoting the policy and receiving commissions without a proper license, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The NRA released NRA Carry Guard insurance at its annual conference in April. The program — underwritten by Chubb Ltd and administered by Lockton Cos — offers policies to cover legal fees for patrons who claim self defense after a shooting. Lockton told the Associated Press that they’re cooperating with investigators.

The New York department launched the probe a week after advocacy groups Guns Down and Color of Change launched a campaign, dubbed “Stop Murder Insurance,” to pressure Chubb and Lockton to drop NRA’s business.

Of course, calling the insurance “murder insurance” is beyond even the typical anti-gun nonsense. Neither Carry Guard insurance or insurance available through the USCCA covers anyone for cold-blooded murder. However, it does help cover people who use a gun in self-defense. You can’t break into someone’s home, gun them down, then trust your self-defense insurance will pick up the tab simply because you say it’s self-defense.

But that doesn’t matter. Not to these folks. They want people to hurt. They want them to bleed. All because they used a firearm in self-defense.

How do I know that? Because the Stop Murder Insurance spot featured the mother of one Trayvon Martin.

video promoting the campaign featured the mother of Trayvon Martin, whose death has become part of a national dialogue when discussing self-defense shootings. Martin was killed walking home from a store after a brief struggle with an armed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman.

Now, keep in mind that Martin was found to have been slamming Zimmerman’s head into the concrete sidewalk, an act that can easily kill. Let’s also keep in mind that Zimmerman was found by a jury to have acted in self-defense in the most clear-cut way possible. Castle doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws were irrelevant.

But yeah, let’s pretend that Martin was a good boy who did nothing wrong. Nothing at all.

Zimmerman’s legal costs were astronomical, as are those of anyone who has to deal with legal issues. The popularity of self-defense insurance increased following Zimmerman’s legal battle as people saw that even a relatively gun-friendly state like Florida wasn’t immune to prosecuting people when politically expedient.

But there’s nothing illegal or immoral about protecting yourself, either with a gun or with an insurance plan designed to cover you if something happens.

New York regulators know there’s nothing illegal about the insurance existing, so they’re trying something different. They’re looking at a way to try and shut down programs like Carry Guard with regulatory nonsense about licensing.

Not that this is likely to stop the insurance from being sold. At worst, the NRA will have to find a workaround and pay a fine.

Still, we can now see our next battleground on the horizon.