Slide Fire Accepting Orders Once Again

A little-known device called a "bump stock" is attached to a semi-automatic rifle at the Gun Vault store and shooting range Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017, in South Jordan, Utah. Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock bought 33 guns within the last year, but that didn't raise any red flags. Neither did the mountains of ammunition he was stockpiling, or the bump stocks found in his hotel room that allow semi-automatic rifles to mimic fully automatic weapons. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Following the tragedy in Las Vegas, it wasn’t surprising to see Slide Fire, the company known for making bump stocks, stopped accepting orders. For better or worse, there was a horrible act of violence and the perpetrator used their products to help facilitate that atrocity. No, they weren’t responsible, but that didn’t mean it was probably a good idea to stop and take a breath to see what would happen next.


Now, it looks like the company has done just that and is ready to get back to work.

The Texas-based manufacturer of a contentious aftermarket accessory that uses recoil impulse to help mimic full-auto fire has announced they are again accepting orders.

Flooded by demand in the aftermath of federalstate and local calls for bans on the devices after the Las Vegas shooting in which they were utilized, Slide Fire last month placed a temporary hold on taking new orders in order to accommodate their backorder. Now, they have announced that effective Wednesday they will resume limited sales.

“However, we have not yet reached adequate inventory levels to offer sales of all products,” clarified the company in a release, noting they will initially be offering their SSAR-15 OGR stocks in both right and left-hand models and SSAR-15 SBS models in right-hand only.

Slide Fire stresses that, while all items are new production and tested at their facility, they may not ship in retail packaging.

To be sure, there will be those who criticize Slide Fire for resuming full operations a month after the tragedy, but let’s be honest for a moment. Those same people would say the same thing if Slide Fire had waited a year, or two years, or however long. Nothing short of a law banning Slide Fire’s operation would have been sufficient for those souls.

In the meantime, Slide Fire is offering a product that’s still legal to sell–for the moment, if nothing else–and so they’re resuming taking orders for their much sought-after products.


Perhaps people will come to recognize that the bump stocks had nothing to do with the tragedy and that banning the devices would be less than meaningful since the same rate of fire can be replicated through various other means. If that happens, there will be no ban on anything. However, whether that’s the case remains to be seen.

All that matters is that these products are legal to sell and own, and Slide Fire is back in business taking orders as of earlier today. For their sake, however, I hope they have a few non-bump stock items in the works. While I’d like to see them selling those for years to come, I’d also hate to see a company put out of business because of a new law and a more diverse catalog of products would help keep them going even if Congres does manage to pass a bump stock ban.

Again, though, until then, just keep selling what people want to buy. Ain’t capitalism a wonderful, wonderful thing?

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