How Not To Be A Gun Owner: Pulling Weapon Because You Can't Get Steak Bagel

Some people really love McDonald’s breakfasts. The company knows this, which is why they started offering all-day breakfast in some locations. For some reason, one location didn’t have Steak Bagel available at the time one customer wanted one, and things got a little ugly.


A man angry that he couldn’t get a steak bagel at a Warren [,Ohio] McDonald’s restaurant pulled a gun on an employee, police say.

The McDonald’s employee was at the restaurant on Parkman Road when two men came through the drive-thru window around 3:40 a.m. Wednesday. The men were in a black Ford Taurus and appeared to be around 20 years old, the employee told police.

She said the driver pulled a gun out and called her an explicit name when she told them that the bagels were not being sold at that time. The man then drove away toward Coit Street NW, according to a police report.

Police said the incident is one of the most unusual calls they have ever received.

And just like that, some numbnut is guilty of aggravated assault over a breakfast sandwich, and not even a Sausage McGriddle, which I could kind of understand, maybe, but no. A steak bagel.

Nice job.

Of course, there’s no guarantee it was an actual firearm. When you’re staring at the business end of a gun, a little .22 looks like a Desert Eagle, so it may have been a BB gun or an airsoft gun.

None of that matters, though, because in cases like this, the law generally doesn’t care. The crime doesn’t have to be with a live, functioning weapon for it to have the same impact on the victim, in this case, some poor woman who was working at a McDonald’s drive-through.


My guess is that this dipstick was either dumb, drunk, or high and thought this sounded like a good idea.

I have little doubt he’ll be apprehended, despite the lack of cameras at the McDonald’s in question. I’d almost be willing to put money down that he or the friend with him will brag about what he did, probably as one of those “cool guy” stories that younger people tend to tell–not that your humble writer ever did anything like that (just the telling stories part…not stupid stuff with guns). Nopey nope nope–and word will spread. Someone will learn the story, not like the guy much, and tell police.

Then he’ll find himself charged, and probably sentenced to a fair stretch in jail.

Guess what they don’t tend to serve in prison cafeterias? Steak bagels.

Bet old Sparky up there didn’t think of that. Of course, it’s also fair to say that Sparky probably didn’t think.

Meanwhile, we have someone who had a gun pointed at her all because she couldn’t serve a particular sandwich at a particular time. No, she didn’t get shot at or anything, but there’s still a chance that she’s having to deal with a few issues from this incident. It’s my hope that she suffers no real trauma from this, and that the dipstick responsible is brought to justice.


This isn’t good for anyone…and what’s worse is that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard stories like this at the famous fast-food chain. This year alone, Erika has covered three other similar instances, which you can read here, here and here.


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