Shannon Watts Claims There's No Background Checks For Long Guns In Texas

Shannon Watts has been at the gun control game for long enough she should at least understand what laws are on the books. After all, how can you agitate for additional laws if you don’t know what’s on the books, right?


Further, she likes to share her thoughts on social media sites like Twitter, where people routinely will tell you that you’re as screwed up as a football bat the moment you utter anything at all, but especially if you utter nonsense. As a result of that, Watts should have a pretty good indication of what is right and what isn’t, at least with gun laws.

So that means she’s most likely lying with this one in the aftermath of the church shooting in Texas on Sunday.

No background check required, huh?

Oh, Shannon, Shannon, Shannon.

First, let’s understand something. Background checks are federally mandated when a gun is purchased from a licensed firearm dealer. These include dealers at Texas gun shows. The vast majority of sales of long guns take place with a federal firearms license holder, thus meaning a background check was made on them.

To say there are no background checks required is an outright lie.

Of course, she was corrected on this, and how does she deal with it? She doubles down.


Again, this is federal law. Texas, much as they might like, can’t just ignore the law.

Further, even if they passed such a law, it wouldn’t matter. The BATFE is the agency that issues FFLs, which is the only way firearms can be shipped in from out of state. If dealers failed to perform the mandated background checks, they lose their licenses at the very least. That would mean they can’t get weapons from wholesalers and manufacturers because Texas state law wouldn’t protect the gun manufacturer in Connecticut.

Watts has to know this. If not, she’s had to be notified by people that she’s wrong.

But then again, Watts is notorious for blocking people who disagree with her. She apparently likes to live in a little bubble. She’ll keep a few conservative “names” visible to her so she can pretend she’s actually battling, but anyone else? Anyone else she’ll block in an instant. I’m sure the fact that it’ll look like she has few people criticizing her, thus looks above reproach has nothing at all to do with it.

But people buy her bull.

Now, Alyssa Milano is a fairly politically involved liberal actress. She also has a lot of fans who share her politics, and thus the stupid spreads from Watts to others.


Folks, let’s be clear here. Just because Shannon Watts says there are no background checks in Texas simply doesn’t make it so. At worst, Texas doesn’t require background checks on private sales, but as noted before, that only makes up a small number of sales throughout the nation. In fact, it appears the shooter did, indeed, get a background check when he purchased his rifle, as a matter of fact, which indicates it’s not a breakdown in the law but a breakdown in communication. Not that Watts cares about that.

She doesn’t care about being right, she only cares about being believed, and so she makes sure she surrounds herself with people who will believe her, like Alyssa Milano. She doesn’t get that she does more harm to her cause than she helps it.

But if she wants to continue, by all means.

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