Video Of Men Brandishing Gun In Mall Leads To ID

While most Second Amendment advocates would prefer so-called “off limits” places die a horrible, fiery death, the vast majority of us have enough sense to not brandish our guns in public. We carry our pistols for self-defense, after all, not as a means to scare the crap out of the soccer mom’s at our local mall.


Even if we did pull them out in a public venue, however, most of us have enough common sense not to broadcast our antics live on Facebook. This is clearly something a handful of young men in Memphis are incapable of comprehending.

Memphis police are investigating a Facebook Live video that shows at least two men inside a local mall with guns.

The 39-minute video was broadcasted live on Saturday at the Oak Court Mall in East Memphis.

The video shows a man and several friends walking inside the mall. Several minutes into the video, he pulls out a gun. A few moments later, a second man pulls out another gun.

Police are now wanting to have a nice, long chat with 19-year-old Artavius Lynshun Lipsey, who they’ve identified from the video.

Of course, law enforcement was already familiar with Mr. Lipsey. Mostly from the felony warrants he has for domestic violence and failure to appear in a felony case.

Pro tip: If the police are already looking for you, it’s not considered very smart to broadcast your location while you’re brandishing a firearm. Especially when you’re under the legal age to purchase a firearm or carry one legally.


Lipsey hasn’t been arrested, but judging by his ability to exercise good sense, that’s been a matter of luck more than anything. A criminal mastermind, he clearly isn’t.

It’s not a stretch to say that technology is a boon to law enforcement, but when most say it they’re thinking of new things for crime labs or tasers or things like that. What they don’t usually think of is how technology makes it so much easier for criminals and wanted individuals to out themselves, but it’s not exactly a new phenomenon. It’s something I think we’ll continue to see until or unless the more criminally minded start thinking, which often tends to not be their strong point.

Perhaps it’s the fact that almost everyone wants to be famous, and social media gives them the opportunity to taste that, so wannabe thugs use it to show off. In the process, they incriminate themselves in any number of things.

You can’t tell me this doesn’t make life easier for law enforcement.

Again, this one didn’t lead to an arrest yet, but I sincerely hope it does very soon. Anyone stupid enough to pull guns out at a mall is someone I’d rather not see handling a firearm in general. While people have rights, the domestic violence felony charge should do plenty to make sure Lipsey isn’t allowed to do this brand of stupid again. Whether the law should work that way or not is the topic for another day. That’s the law today.


And judging by the intelligence and care Lipsey and company display in their weapons handling, I’m fine with it today.



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