Nancy Pelosi Lies To Twitter About National Reciprocity

Nancy Pelosi isn’t exactly a freshman congresswoman. She’s been in office for a long, long time, from well before the days of Twitter and Facebook. However, she’s also someone who plays almost exclusively to her base.


A prime example of this is a tweet she put out following the House’s vote on HR 38, the bill that would grant national reciprocity for concealed carry holders.

Wow. That’s a heck of a problem…except that literally none of it is true.

Violent criminals, domestic abusers, and convicted stalkers (of the violent kind, at least)–all people Pelosi claims will be “invited” to carry concealed weapons–are all people who are legally prohibited from even owning a firearm, much less carry one.

You’d think that someone who has spent as much time as she has as a lawmaker would understand…you know…laws.

If someone is legally barred from owning a gun, how on this Earth are they going to be empowered to carry a firearm? Just how?

Either Nancy doesn’t realize this, in which case she’s too brain-dead to be able to successfully operate a doorknob, or she’s lying. Since she gets in and out of doors just fine, apparently, I’m going to go with the latter.


Since national reciprocity was first discussed, people like Pelosi have claimed it would make us less safe. It’s the same thing they say after ever expansion of gun rights, no matter where it is. Yet time and again, we fail to see the blood in the streets we’ve been promised would happen. We fail to see any of the death and violence claimed to be inevitable.

Why is that?

Could it possibly be because people who want the laws changed are people who are interested in actually following the law? I mean, people who are going to rob and murder folks generally don’t spend a whole lot of time lobbying for permission to carry a gun when they do it.

No, the lobbying comes from people who have no interest in breaking laws, but simply want to keep their families safe. Nothing more, nothing less.

By claiming that the bill will allow criminals to be armed, Pelosi is fearmongering, trying to terrify people into standing against a bill that literally does none of those things. What’s worse is that she probably knows that. Lord knows there’s been enough discussion on the topic.

That means she’s misleading people willfully. She’s lying to score a political victory.


However, that’s good for gun rights, in a way. It means that even she understands the threat to our safety does not now, nor ever will, come from those who seek to carry lawfully. She knows that the average concealed carry license holder is not a threat to anyone except for the criminal element in this nation.

She knows it, but she won’t say it.

So, instead, she presents information that’s completely and totally wrong and makes no effort to correct it after you know she’s been called out on it. Then again, what else can you expect from a gun grabbing politician with delusions of adequacy?

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