Man Arrested For Stealing Guns From UPS Facility

Guns have to be shipped somehow. Whether the gun grabbers like it or not, they’re legal to sell and since not every town can have a factory churning out the latest and greatest firearms, that means they need to be transported somehow.


UPS is a popular choice for that purpose.

However, a group of men in Tennessee decided they had a better idea of where guns being shipped needed to end up.

One of the men wanted by police after 12 guns were stolen from a local UPS facility has been taken into custody.

According to authorities, Christopher Brown and several other men were caught on camera breaking into a locked tractor trailer at the East Holmes Road location. They reportedly loaded a dozen firearms into a private vehicle and then fled the scene.

Brown promptly admitted his involvement and even told police where they could find one of the stolen firearms.

Whether he also told them who else was involved in the crime remains to be seen.

This story is interesting if for no other reason than the fact that while some anti-gun zealots try to present legislation requiring firearms to be kept locked away as somehow preventing crime, these guns were in a locked trailer. They were secured already, yet that did nothing to dissuade these men from breaking in any way and stealing a dozen firearms.

Frankly, everyone was fortunate that it was only 12 guns stolen, rather than dozens more.

Yet they were secured, and what happened? They could still be stolen.

“Oh,” the gun grabber might say, “but that was probably just a padlock. Those aren’t very secure, so it’s an apples to oranges comparison.”

Is it?

One of the ways people can legally secure their firearms in places where it’s required is with a gun lock similar to this one:

Photo by Anselm Hook, published under creative commons

This lock does nothing to prevent a firearm from being stolen. Nothing at all.

While the locks are difficult to defeat, they’re not impossible, and since a thief can take the gun with him to a secure location, he’s got all the time in the world to defeat it. This is no more effective than a padlock on a truck trailer.

Less so, actually, since there’s no need to search a trailer for the firearm.

Look, no one is saying to not lock up your firearms. Keeping them out of the reach of curious little hands is the smart thing to do. No one is disputing that.

But requiring people to lock up their firearms because of theft accomplishes nothing except adding additional burdens on law-abiding citizens who aren’t responsible for their homes being broken into in the first place. While the left likes to complain about victim blaming, they have no problem engaging in it themselves from time to time.

I’m glad this individual was caught, and I’m hopeful his compatriots will be caught as well. I also hope all the guns are recovered.

However, this is ample evidence that requiring guns to be locked up doesn’t stop them from being stolen.

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