Brooklyn Woman Defends Herself But Runs Afoul Of NYC's Stupidity

Scupture by Carl Fredrik Reuterwald "Non Violence" at the United Nations Plaza in New York City. The scuplture was donated to the UN by Luxemburg.

Leftists love to tout domestic violence as a reason to restrict gun ownership. However, the reality is that the firearm is a neutral factor in such situation and can actually benefit women who are attacked. After all, men are bigger, stronger, and faster on average than women, but it only takes a fraction of a second and a few pounds of strength to pull a trigger.


Guns are the great neutralizers.

This fact was illustrated by a Brooklyn woman who recently used a firearm to defend herself after her ex-boyfriend tried to kick his way through her door.

The 30-year-old man, identified by sources as Marlon Womack, stormed into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment building on Bristol St. near Blake Ave. in Brownsville at 6:13 p.m., cops said.

When Womack kicked open her door, he found the 52-year-old woman, who sources identified as Tonya Wooten, standing at the threshold with a handgun, police sources said.

Wooten pulled the trigger and hit Womack once in the neck, according to sources. Medics rushed him to Brookdale Hospital where he is in stable condition, police said.

Cops found Wooten’s .40 caliber handgun at the scene. She recently moved to the city from North Carolina. While the weapon was legal there, she did not have a New York permit yet, police sources said.

And now we see the stupid of New York City’s gun laws.

Had Wooten not had the pistol, the very least she could have expected was to be (allegedly) beaten. She would have been hurt, possibly killed, all because of full compliance with New York City’s ridiculous gun laws that take the stance that it’s far better to be a dead victim than to have to explain to the police how your attacker got some extra holes in his body.


I’m not saying Wooten didn’t do anything wrong. She did. If you move and you own a gun, it’s on you to find out the gun laws and follow them. She didn’t.

However, New York City’s gun laws are dumb. They’re dumb and dangerous, probably accounting for an untold number of deaths because the innocent victims simply couldn’t arm themselves and be in compliance with the city’s laws.

New York’s Sullivan Act is one law that desperately needs to land in front of the Supreme Court just so it can dismantle the system, one that favors political connections over any other factor when it comes to individuals’ Second Amendment rights. It’s a system that would keep Tonya Wooten disarmed, beaten, and possibly killed so they can pretend they’re keeping people safe.

They’re not.

The truth is that people who are likely to be targets of violence have a right and an obligation to protect themselves.  The problem is that the Big Apple refuses to recognize that right, heavily restricting it with no appreciable impact on crime. After all, the law’s been on the book for over a century, but during that time, crime has risen and fallen due to other factors that had nothing to do with laws disarming criminals. Nothing at all.


Meanwhile, a woman who defended herself with a firearm may face charges because she didn’t jump through all the city’s hoops when she moved.


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