Liberal Media Outlet Whines About 'Threats' To Antifa

Protesters march in a May Day demonstration on Monday, May 1, 2017, near City Hall in Philadelphia. Public school teachers, immigration advocates and social and racial justice groups took to the streets in May Day demonstrations across Pennsylvania, with many inspired to vent about President Donald Trump's 101st day in office. (AP Photo/Kristen De Groot)

Many of us have watched Antifa from a distance. We watched them basically burn down Berkeley, because they didn’t like a speaker slated to talk at the university. We watched as they rioted in downtown Washington, D.C. all because they couldn’t deal with defeat after President Donald Trump was inaugurated. We saw them do the same throughout the campaign as they thought violence was the way to beat Trump in the first place.

We’ve seen them hit people with bicycle locks and place M-80’s in glass bottles to form makeshift hand grenades. We’ve seen all of this.

Yet, Newsweek would like to pretend this doesn’t exist and that gun company, Spike’s Tactical, is the threatening one.

Street-level politics, more specifically an ongoing conflict between white supremacist demonstrators and antifa, or anti-fascist counterprotesters, has become a big news story following the rise of Donald Trump. Now a gun company is using anger over antifa to sell dangerous assault rifles to only one side.

Spike’s Tactical, a gun company, previewed an ad on its Facebook page that depicts four heavily armed white men standing on the opposite side of a barrier and facing down a group of masked, unarmed antifa protesters. The ad mentions the sites of several political clashes that took place last year, including Berkeley, California; Portland, Oregon; Boston; and Charlottesville, Virginia. In the latter city, neo-Nazis and white supremacists arrived at a rally heavily armed last August, and a driver struck a peaceful counterprotester with his car, killing her.

“Not today Antifa,” a tagline to the violence-teasing ad declares. Antifa, it should be noted, is a style of protest used by leftists and not a formal organization with a hierarchy.

First, those “political clashes” tending to involve a great deal of violence initiated by Antifa. That can’t be overstated. There are videos of people being savagely attacked all because someone in the crowd simply thought the person was somewhere to the right of Lenin.

It’s no surprise they didn’t miss a chance to bring up Charlottesville, though. They brought up the incident where one person was struck by a car, but they also fail to note that there’s video showing that vehicle being struck moments before, a relevant fact if you ask me.

Further, whether the Antifa “protestors” are unarmed or not is irrelevant if there’s a large group. Antifa–which is a group that uses “black bloc” tactics, just to set the record straight here–tends to mass and attack. They don’t take people on one-on-one. They like to overpower any and all targets.

As mobs can and have killed people before, one would be wise to have sufficient firepower to deal with such threats. Considering the numbers involved, the ideal weapon for that is an AR-15.

It’s perfect for this kind of self-defense situation. Not that Newsweek will acknowledge that fact.

The ad, which anti-fascists worry is fueling a desire to kill leftists, was run in conjunction with a clothing company called Pipe Hitters Union, which also posted the same version of the ad on its Facebook page. Newsweek reached out to both companies for a comment about the ad but did not immediately receive a response.

S0-called “anti-fascists” who don’t initiate violence against those who disagree with them won’t have a thing to worry about. There’s no talk about gunning down innocent leftists here. No, this is about not letting yourself be bullied by a large, angry mob that likes to isolate individuals and then beat them.

While Newsweek ran down a list of recent neo-Nazi related violence, they completely ignored Antifa’s legacy of hate-fueled violence against anyone who doesn’t think like them, violence that has been on a far larger scale. While Antifa’s violence hasn’t directly led to any deaths, while Newsweek‘s list doesn’t include murders, it’s only a matter of time.

However, another interesting bit is how Newsweek points out a few comments against Spike’s Tactical, and they fail to do is provide any scale of the comments. Do these represent the majority opinion? Probably not, because it’s likely that would have been explicitly mentioned.

So instead, they cherry-picked a few negative comments and present them like this is significant.

From what I can tell about Spike’s Tactical, they’re not really worried about those few voices, voices that may not even be gun owners in the first place. After all, the vast majority of gun owners oppose Antifa and their tactics.

But that wouldn’t fit the narrative, and Newsweek is all about the narrative.