Trump Smacks Down Piers Morgan On Gun Control

FILE - In this Feb. 28, 2017, photo, President Donald Trump, flanked by Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, for his address to a joint session of Congress. No natural orator, Trump has nonetheless shown at times that he can deliver a powerful speech that effectively outlines his vision, strikes an emotional chord and moves commentators to declare that he, at last, looks presidential. And then the teleprompter gets turned off. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Image via AP, File)

President Donald Trump has had one surprise supporter throughout his presidency, and that is media host Piers Morgan. Morgan has been vocal in his support of the president regarding immigration and terrorism in the past, something I don’t think many of us were prepared to see.


However, one big difference exists between Morgan and the president, and that’s the topic of gun control.

Morgan has been a vocal supporter of gun control, devoting a great deal of time on his shows to it while doing everything he could to paint gun owners as unhinged.

Yet since he had the chance to interview President Trump recently, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring up the topic.

And got smacked down on it. Hard.

Morgan mentioned that accused Las Vegas shooter [. . .] bought 55 guns legally in the year prior to the October shooting that killed 58 and wounded nearly 1,000 – but Trump said gun control laws wouldn’t have helped that.

‘Well, we do have gun control laws and this sick person – he was a sicko. I mean that’s the big problem – they’re sick people,’ he said.

‘If he didn’t have a gun, he would have a bomb, or would have something else.’

And when Morgan, who has been very vocal in his view that the United States should have tighter gun laws, again brought up the vast number of guns Paddock was able to buy in just a year – Trump again defended himself.

‘The point is, he would have had 55 bombs,’ he said, ignoring the question about the legality of Paddock’s purchases.

‘He would have had 55 of something else.’


Trump also pointed out just how many times it’s just the bad guy with a gun and how things would be different if there were an armed citizen to respond.

What Morgan doesn’t get and has never gotten is that tighter gun laws only impact the law-abiding citizen. Someone like the Las Vegas killer would have still committed an atrocity if he so desired. He just would have used a different implement. After all, he’d been a licensed pilot. Without guns, maybe he would have renewed his license and used a plane instead of a gun. How many could he have killed then?

Evil people won’t be legislated into good. You can’t create laws that will remove the hostile intentions some people have. It’s just not going to happen.

If you make it impossible for someone like the Las Vegas killer to get a gun–bear in mind that he showed no flags that would have barred him from buying any gun for any reason–the evil people will switch to something else to create their carnage. Meanwhile, the average citizen is deprived of his Second Amendment rights, just so someone like Piers Morgan can sleep well at night…with armed security protecting him.


That’s what gun grabbers like Morgan always ignore. I won’t say they forget it because I’m not sure they do. I think they just ignore it because it works against the anti-gun narrative, so they simply pretend it doesn’t exist. They simply act like removing guns will make everything work great when we know for a fact that it’s not true.

President Trump knows it’s not true as well, and his smackdown of Morgan was exactly what was needed.

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