NYC Gun Smuggling Operation Hid Guns In Gym

New York City doesn’t like guns. I state it like that just in case you didn’t know. Of course, how you couldn’t know such a thing is beyond me. The city has gone out of its way through the years to make it clear to everyone it dislikes guns.


Because of the city’s dislike for guns, people smuggle the weapons into the city. Sometimes, they even get caught.

A security guard at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and two others are accused of smuggling 50 guns into New York City by bus and storing them inside the Equinox gym where one of the suspects worked, according to law enforcement sources.

Sources said the security guard, 29-year-old Maquan Moore, and Morris Wilson of Florida were both arrested Thursday night after the third of three deals with undercover NYPD officers and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive agents. The third suspect, an employee at the Greenwich Avenue Equinox, is still at large.

Sources said that Wilson, of Orlando, brought the guns to the city by bus beginning in October. Then, Moore allegedly took the guns to the Equinox, where the third suspect stored them for short periods leading up to gun sales.

Police set up several buys from the men, all of which appear to have taken place outside the gym.

However, I can’t help but think that there’s no way this kind of thing could happen. After all, the laws are clear, right? Not only are guns not allowed in New York City, but there are federal laws that were likely violated in order to procure these firearms in the first place.

I mean, more and more it seems like criminals just don’t follow laws. I know, I know, that’s just crazy talk. Criminals would never break the law or anything, right? They may commit crimes, but break laws? Never.


Yet here we are, looking at another example of gun laws failing to stop the flow of firearms into the hands of criminals in one of our largest cities. Yet somehow, those same gun laws manage to keep the law-abiding citizens of New York City effectively disarmed.

This is why we can’t take anti-gunners seriously when they say they don’t want to infringe on our Second Amendment rights; they just want to stop the crooks from getting guns. It’s because you will never stop criminals from being armed, but only the law-abiding follow the law. New York’s Sullivan act has never stopped gangs from getting guns, but it has kept countless people in a state where they are unable to defend themselves from the predators of the Big Apple.

These two guys were able to bring more than 50 firearms into the city, and nothing about them suggests they are particularly brilliant. That means a whole lot more guns are flowing into the city, and none of the gun laws meant to prevent it are doing a blasted thing other than getting in the way of the average American.

At what point will people wake up and admit that these laws not only don’t work, but have never worked and never will work?

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