Video: Why Gun Bans Won't Work In America And Other Smackdowns

Journalist and rabble-rouser Brandon Morse is apparently pretty tired of responding to the very same nonsense from anti-gunners after every mass shooting. That would explain why he posted a video on YouTube that’s pretty much applicable to every such attack.

Morse noted this video’s origins over at RedState:

Having heard certain arguments made repeatedly from the left, I made a video addressing some of the most common things gun-control advocates say to gun rights supporters. These include statements like “if only all guns in America disappeared, then we’d have no gun problems,” or “if Australia can do it, so can the U.S.,” both being a complete pipe dream.

The original video was made shortly after the San Bernardino shooting, but after the shooting in Broward county, I noticed these same arguments pop up again like clockwork.

He’s right. They are the same arguments. They’re the exact same ones up to and including the liberal saying, “Well, at least I’m trying to do something about the problem!”

They automatically dismiss any efforts that aren’t gun control as not being an effort to try and do something about these shootings. It’s a neat little trap they’ve created, isn’t it? You either support gun control, or you’re OK with kids dying – at least in their little world.

However, as Morse notes, plenty of us are actually trying to combat this problem, too. We’re just taking different approaches.

For me, it’s all about the roots of violence. If we want to curb dangerous, violent behavior, we have to understand where it comes from. Failure to do that only means violent people will continue being violent. For others, it’s something else. Maybe it’s advocating for mental health system reform. Maybe it’s pushing for armed teachers in schools or more school resource officers on campuses. Most of us are trying to combat the problem, we’re just not doing it by trying to punish people who have done nothing wrong.

The reality is that we’re all concerned. We’re just not ready to deprive law-abiding citizens of their sacred, constitutionally protected rights because of the actions of a relative handful of people.

Morse’s video does seem to hit almost all the high points of the left’s argument and slaps them down with authority. Then again, it’s not hard to do. They’re a broken record of discredited ideas masquerading as policy ideas. They present nothing new to the debate, and thus we can pretty much automate our responses.

Meanwhile, these events continue, and all we get from the left are more calls to make things more difficult for the law-abiding rather than actually trying to prevent maniacs from being maniacs.

Then again, without maniacs, the left wouldn’t have any leverage with the American people when it comes to guns. I’m sure plenty of them will argue otherwise, but I don’t really care. We all know it’s true.

Watch Morse’s video below. It’s pretty good.