Ted Cruz Lashes Out At Hypocritical Anti-Gun Celebrities


Ted Cruz has a problem with anti-gun celebrities. In particular, it’s the hypocrisy of anti-gun celebrities who hide behind private armed security.

I can’t disagree with really anything Cruz says here.


TMZ notes:

Sen. Ted Cruz doesn’t want to hear a peep from Hollywood about gun control — in the wake of the Florida high school shooting — ’cause he says they’re operating under a double standard.

We got Cruz Thursday in D.C. and he says celebs weighing in on gun control is totally hypocritical — considering the kind of firepower their security details use. The Senator added, the cry for new gun laws after tragedies like the Parkland shooting undermines the true intent of the 2nd Amendment … in his eyes.

They also argue that Cruz got some facts wrong, though they conveniently left out exactly what those facts actually are so they can be evaluated. As it stands, that particular claim is little more than an attempt to discredit everything Cruz said. After all, if some of his facts are wrong, and no one is told which facts are wrong, then people will assume all the facts are wrong.

But they’re not.

A lot of these celebrities screaming about gun control do enjoy armed security. They can afford that, and I don’t begrudge them one bit. If I could afford it, I’d have armed security surrounding my family 24/7 as well.


Most people can’t afford that, though. They can’t afford to pay out tens of thousands of dollars per year per security person in order to keep their family safe.

But you know what they can do?

They can fork out a few hundred dollars to buy a gun that will let them keep their family safe. When you’re not wealthy, you have to do a lot of things yourself. You may have to deal with plumbing issues like clogged drains or toilets, clean out your own gutters, maybe fix an appliance or two, all sorts of things that many celebs would rather outsource to someone else.

Yet many people can’t afford to do that. They have to do that themselves.

Personal security is no different. While the A-listers can easily afford to have armed security around their home and person all the time, most of us can’t. A lot of people can’t even afford an alarm system, for crying out loud. How are they going to hire security?

We can’t. We have to arm ourselves so we can take care of that. That means access to firearms.

So, Cruz is right to get worked up over celebrities with private security griping about private firearm ownership. What is it about these people that make them think they’re more deserving of protection than the rest of us? Yes, they’re famous. Yes, that might make them a target for crazies. However, I write politics. I’ve been called every horrible name in the book, probably in this week alone. Do I not deserve protection?


For me and my family, though, that means me having a firearm on my person. It means me taking care to protect my wife and children. It means I have to do what celebrities can pay others to do.

I’m with Ted Cruz, here. They need to keep their mouths shut.

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