Bloomberg-Funded Group Announces New Student Gun Control Group

The anti-gun crusaders are trying something new this time around. They’re pushing children, the survivors of Parkland, out in front. They’re banking on them being both incredibly sympathetic to the masses, banking on emotion to “do something” about guns while, at the same time, hoping their nature as both kids and survivors will make them difficult to criticize and mock as we do with so many other gun control advocates.

They’re not wrong.

Now, they’re stepping up their game. It seems the Bloomberg-funded group Everytown for Gun Safety is launching a student gun control organization in the wake of Parkland.

A leading gun control group announced on Saturday that it is forming a new group aimed at high school and college students.

Everytown for Gun Safety, a group funded in part by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, said it had created a new initiative called Students Demand Action in a Facebook post over the weekend. “NEW!” the post said. “High school and college students across the country are teaming up with Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety to launch #StudentsDemandAction, an initiative that gives students the opportunity to lead the charge against gun violence.”

The post encouraged people to click through to the group’s website where they are prompted to join Students Demand Action by providing their name, email address, zip code, and phone number.

“Classrooms and college campuses are places for learning, not places to worry about gunfire,” a message on the site said. “We are determined to fight for our lives, our dreams, and our communities. And we will not stop until all American students are allowed to feel safe in their classrooms.”

At the moment, students who survived Parkland are fairly unassailable. We can critique their comments, of course, but the mockery we usually use for the left isn’t really an option for kids who just survived a horrific event like they did.

But the Bloomberg crowd is deluded if they think that protection will extend to other students, particularly the whiny college kids many of us mock on a regular basis just for fun. The truth of the matter is that, at best, we’ll get yet another round of clueless rhetoric from spoiled kids who think they know everything despite never having to pay a damn bill on their own.

Then again, that’s the point.

You see, the left doesn’t like it when people find out they’re not alone. Mankind is a social creature, by and large. We don’t like feeling isolated. That’s why the anti-gunners love to drown out the conversation in the aftermath of shootings like Parkland. They don’t want anyone to recognize they’re not alone in their refusal to vilify the gun. If they know they’re not alone they’re less likely to change their minds out of peer pressure.

Students Demand Action is yet another group under the same umbrella designed to do nothing more than to suck up even more of the oxygen from the conversation. They want to drown us out so people don’t realize that not everyone supports gun control, particularly as a solution to mass shootings.

Maybe it’s time the NRA or GOA backs a student initiative as well?