Florida Legislator Believes Lawmakers Should Resign If They Don't Back Gun Control

For most gun rights advocates, we’ve never credited our opponents with a whole lot of critical thinking skills. What we do credit them with is a smug sense of superiority that has no actual relation to their true capabilities. So many of them are outright arrogant in their ability to believe they’re the only people who are right on anything, despite the numerous facts we can give them showing them otherwise.

One Florida Democrat took it to new heights. He has demanded that his fellow lawmakers resign if they refuse to back gun control legislation.

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner interviewed Florida state representative Jared Moskowitz (D) about the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. If the subject matter weren’t so tragic, Moskowitz’ impassioned use of the hackneyed and vague phrase “do something” would almost be funny.

In Democrat-speak “do something” typically means “advance our longstanding gun-control agenda now while people are emotional and unlikely to read the fine print or consider whether our something would have eve  prevented the shooting we’re now politicizing.”

If one thinks Moskowitz isn’t looking forward to his opportunity to grandstand, one need only listen to his ridiculous call for legislators to literally resign if they don’t want to sign on to “doing something.”

Let me be clear to all 120 other legislators that I serve with. There is a letter of resignation that you can write at any time if you don’t want to be part of the process. It’s a one page, put your name on it, sign it, and get out of the way. Because we must do something for these students.

Now that takes cajones, let me tell you.

It’s important to note that Moskowitz hasn’t made any concrete proposals or even espoused support for any particular bit of legislation. He’s demanding lawmakers do something, but even he doesn’t seem to know what that something is.

Meanwhile, he has the nerve to think that legislators should resign if they don’t think gun control is the answer?

“Oh,” someone might say, “he didn’t say gun control, he said they need to be part of the process. That’s totally different.”

It’s totally bull.

We all know exactly what Moskowitz is saying here. The only “do something” Democrats ever talk about following a mass shooting is to punish the law-abiding gun owners who did absolutely nothing wrong. Those are the people impacted by any of their proposals that have the misfortune of being passed.

Yet we’ve given ground to them in the past, and what happened? Nothing. Our lives were never enriched by giving them what they wanted. NFA 34, GCA 68, AWB 94 — none of them ultimately made our lives any better. The mob violence that sparked NFA 34 was curbed not by gun control but the repeal of prohibition. GCA 68 was put in place to block a once in a lifetime event from happening again in people’s lifetime. The Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 had absolutely no appreciable impact on the violent crime rate.

Nothing has helped, but this time, if we just “do something” and “be part of the process,” we’ll magically see everything get better? No.

Frankly, if people like Moskowitz want to “do something,” then how about we have a different debate. Let’s look at things that are not only achievable but may actually have an impact. For example, let’s allow teachers and staff to carry in schools throughout the nation. Let the next would-be mass shooter find himself face to face with a teacher who is not only willing to put their body between the killer and the students, but one who is armed and willing to fight back.

Let that happen a time or two and watch the number of mass shootings at schools drop noticeably.