CNN Analyst Thinks Female Teachers Can't Carry Because They Don't Wear Pants

By this point, I don’t expect intelligent analysis by so-called experts over at CNN. Over recent years, the network has produced many facepalm moments as their pundits say really, well, stupid things. The latest comes from CNN’s Tom Fuentes.


You see, Fuentes seems to think fashion is a valid argument to make against allowing teachers to carry firearms.

Yes, he actually went there.

First, allow me to point out just how sexist a thought that is. No, not the thinking that women still wear skirts or dresses. Plenty of women still do, of course. No, the sexism is thinking women are too stupid to adjust their clothing choices accordingly if they’re going to carry a firearm.

You see, despite the left’s constant barrage, no one is trying to make teachers carry a gun. What many of us are arguing is that teachers should be allowed to carry a firearm, if they so choose.

Like we see in society as a whole, those that do will take the responsibility seriously. They’re the ones who will look at their options and adjust their lives accordingly. It’s what concealed carry folks do, and that’s all anyone is talking about. We’re talking about permitting teachers with concealed carry permits to carry a firearm to work and into the classroom.

As such, they’ll dress however they need to in order to accomplish that. Who in their right mind thinks they wouldn’t?

Further, it’s not like wearing a dress or skirt prevents a woman from carrying in this day and age. In addition to small firearms, there are numerous products that allow women to carry a firearm without a traditional holster. They can carry it on their body and away from prying eyes.

But Fuentes and his comments are telling. Not because they touch on any salient points, but because it’s indicative of the massive push being made by the media against guns. They’ll grab hold of anything they can to oppose guns and gun rights, up to and including some ridiculous supposition on the challenges of a teacher carrying a firearm.


It’s funny, though. Had a commentator on Fox News or One America made a crack like this, he’d be blasted from here to Timbuktu over his inability to understand the modern woman.

Yet, because it was CNN, Fuentes gets a pass.

Well, I’m not willing to give him one. While not every teacher wants to carry a gun or should carry a gun, the problem, as it stands, is that no one is even allowed to make that decision for themselves. It’s currently a crime for a teacher to carry a firearm into a school (though some states have developed workarounds). Can’t we all agree that this law does nothing to prevent mass shootings like that in Parkland?

All anyone is suggesting is to remove the rule that punishes law-abiding teachers and allow them to carry the means of their protection. Why is this so difficult for the left to comprehend?

Watch Fuentes’ comments below.

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