Teen Anti-Gun Activist Claims He Won't Return To School Without Gun Control

Parkland survivor David Hogg wants to be taken seriously in the gun debate. He’s so adamant about it that he’s going to lodge a strike until gun control laws are passed.


However, Hogg won’t go on a hunger strike. Oh no. Nor will he give up any of the other luxuries of life.

No, Hogg seems to think all of us gun rights activists will be moved by him refusing to return to school until gun control laws are passed.

He’s not going back to school.

There aren’t enough grief counselors, well wishers or positive prayers to make Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg return to the school where his classmates were massacred unless Florida lawmakers pass gun control legislation.

“I’m not going back to school on Wednesday until one bill is passed,” Hogg said at gun control rally Sunday in New Jersey.

“Literally any legislation at this point would be a success. Considering the fact that so few legislators in Florida met with us and they want the people to forget, that’s disgusting. The fact that they want people to forget about this and elect them again as the child murderers they are, that’s unacceptable and we’re not going to let that happen.”

Well, good for you. Denying yourself a solid education seems like the smart way to go.

Look, I’m sympathetic to what the kids in Parkland went through. I really am. I can only imagine how horrific an event it must have been.

However, that doesn’t mean I have to drop every principle I stand for because these kids think I should without providing any real facts to support their case. These students keep screaming about how awful people like me are simply because we don’t agree with them on guns.

Hogg himself has argued that Florida Governor Rick Scott “doesn’t care about students’ lives” just because he didn’t bow down and immediately pass the legislation these students are demanding.


The truth is, Hogg and his fellow activist-survivor classmates aren’t looking to discuss anything. They’re looking to lecture. They’re looking to make demands. They have decided what they want, and they can’t accept the idea that anyone may have a different idea while still caring.

So now Hogg is saying he won’t go back to school until people capitulate and give him something.

The thing is, it’s no skin off anyone else’s nose if he doesn’t go back to school. He could drop out for all we care. Or he can get homeschooled. Frankly, no one outside of his family is really concerned about whether or not Hogg ever goes back to school. No one at all.

That’s the thing about Hogg’s threat; a threat only works if people care one way or another.

Right now, the gun grabbers love Hogg and his fellow student activists, but they will forget them soon enough. The media is getting a kick out of the novelty, but that’ll die soon, too.

And, when the lights dim, all that will be left is David Hogg and his crowd classmates who no longer have much of anything…including an education, quite possibly.

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