Female Second Amendment Supporter Slaps Down Anti-AR-15 Argument

While the AR-15 is being vilified left and right, it’s important that people be reminded why it’s a great rifle and why the average, law-abiding civilian should own one. While we can easily say that we should be able to own one because the Second Amendment says we can, let’s be honest here. That’s not enough right now. We also need to present arguments why the rifle should be available beyond 2A protections.


Well, over at CNN of all places, one of our pro-Second Amendment sisters had the perfect smackdown.

Her name is Carrie Lightfoot, and she is a NRA certified pistol instructor.

At one point in the panel, a man named Scott Pappalardo said, “An AR-15 should not be used as a home protection weapon.”

Lightfoot said, “Do you know what a fabulous gun that is for women?”

“It’s a fabulous gun. So is a shotgun,” he said.

She responded by saying that a shotgun is “much harder to handle.”

Lightfood also took up an impassioned defense of the Second Amendment.

“This is a constitutionally protected right–this is not a government legislated privilege, such as driving a car.”

She nailed it.

Lightfoot is right about shotguns. Not only are they harder to handle, they’re also harder to master. The image most people have in their heads of a shotgun is a forgiving piece of hardware that hides your faults as a shooter, and to an extent, that’s accurate.

However, shotguns kick harder than almost any rifle and being able to utilize them to their fullest potential requires more knowledge and skill than most could believe. They’re hella versatile, but only if you know what you’re doing.

But the AR-15 has a light recoil and is handy inside or outside the home. With some kind of rail system, it can have a light affixed to it that makes the weapon even more useful.

Of course, Lightfoot besting Pappalardo isn’t any great feat.

For those who are unfamiliar with Pappalardo, he’s the guy who made a video you may have seen circulating around on social media where he “destroys” his AR-15 in protest of what happened in Parkland. Of course, he does it by chopping down the barrel of the rifle, not the receiver. That’s a no-no.


Still, Lightfoot’s comments were perfect regardless of who she was debating. They’re perfect because they’re right.

What gun control advocates never seem to grasp is that disarming Americans hurts women far more than it will ever hurt men. It takes away the tools that will help them combat violence directed at them. Further, don’t buy the hype that being armed somehow hurts women. It doesn’t. Not at all.

The AR-15 is actually the perfect gun for many women. It’s light, adjustable, and has minimal recoil while still being sufficient to take down bad people intent on doing bad things.

Lightfoot’s argument is one of those that might well make it that much more difficult for the gun grabbers to snatch this one away from the law-abiding.

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