Anti-Gun Hypocrisy As Writer Decries NRA Speaking Up

One of the biggest problems I have with the anti-gun jihadis is their double standard.

In the wake of a mass shooting, they can trot out high school kids with no experience of the world to blast gun rights. They can call for demonstrations and rallies. They can call for students to walk out of class in protest. They can do virtually anything they want to do as part of the gun debate.


But heaven forbid the National Rifle Association releases a video.

It’s been less than a month since a 19-year-old armed with a legally purchased AR-15 rifle was able to stroll into his former Florida high school and take the lives of 17 people. But that won’t stop the NRA from continuing its bonkers video series that portrays any person in favor of reasonable gun control policy as a hate-monger.

In the newest video—which was timed neatly to the Oscars, and is part of a runningseries starring NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, who’s been getting owned on the cable news circuit since the Parkland shooting—Loesch frames the culture war over guns as an us vs. them issue.

I’m sorry, but I have yet to see Dana get “owned” in any way, shape, or form. Hell, she held her own quite well while being ambushed on CNN’s stacked town hall.

But anyway, the kicker to this moral outrage?

It’s not even a new video.


That’s right. That’s the same video that anti-gun crybullies tried to claim was calling for violence against the left.

Yet it doesn’t matter. For those of us who believe the right to keep and bear arms is an important and sacred right, we’re supposed to sit down and shut up at a time like this. The NRA is supposed to sit down and shut up at a time like this. We’re all supposed to hand over the podium to our opponents because we shouldn’t speak right now.

The thing is, we’re seeing the NRA being called all kinds of things. I’ve seen Dana Loesch called all kinds of horrible things, all because she supports the Second Amendment.

But we’re not supposed to speak back. We’re supposed to sit there and take it; we’re supposed to be their political pinatas simply because some maniac did something horrible.

Well, no.

I’m glad the NRA sent out that tweet. I’m glad they call Hollywood and the media on their BS. I’m glad they did it.

The hypocrites who use the bodies of dead children as a soapbox have no ground to lecture anyone on anything. They have no moral standing to pretend they and they alone have the right to be angry.


I’m pissed. I’m sick and tired of being told to sit down and shut up while also being accused of having blood on my hands for something I didn’t do. I’m tired of seeing people claim that my rights need to be curtailed because of the actions of another, and disagreeing with that is somehow taken as proof that I’m a horrible person.

I’m sick and tired of it all, so yeah, I’m glad the NRA sent out that tweet.

I only wish it had been a new video that explicitly called out this nonsense and called the anti-gun left precisely what they are: A bunch of hypocrites who seem only to believe that only they have the right to speak up after any kind of tragedy.

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