Student Who Attends School Where Attack Was Foiled Backs Gun Rights

The bodies weren’t even cold yet when the anti-gun jihadis took to airwaves, trotting out students to stick it to the NRA and gun rights activists, trusting that their status as victims would make them unassailable.


However, what about someone who attends a school where things were done right? A school where the threats were taken seriously, acted upon, and no one died?

Nicole Martin is a freshman at Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia. Writing at The Daily Signal, she voices her thoughts on the matter of gun rights…and let’s just say that David Hogg will not approve.

“Take away gun rights. Something needs to be done,” my friends keep telling me.

Yes, something absolutely does need to be done, but not that way.

Reports and tips need to be taken seriously. Death is an unchangeable thing, and anyone who jokes about it is sick. A threat is not a joke; it is illegal, and it demands an immediate response.

Next, teachers should be trained and armed with guns, if they choose to be. I am constantly hearing friends say that if teachers were armed, they would be too scared to shoot back. That is an offensive statement, and it needs to stop.

A coach at Douglas High died because he ran into the shooting and jumped in front of a bullet. How could anyone say that man would have been afraid to shoot back? He chose to die so his students didn’t have to, yet people say teachers would have been hiding if they had guns.


Martin makes an excellent point. The coach was no coward, unlike the school resource officer who cowered outside while kids were being gunned down. Had the coach had the deputy’s weapon, what would this have looked like?

Well, we’d be looking a much-reduced death toll, that’s for sure.

Let me be clear, though. No one is demanding that all teachers be armed. Teachers are there to educate, not guard, and I don’t see anyone thinking that needs to change.

However, teachers’ lives are on the line just as much as the students’. They’re supposedly responsible adults, right? If they have a concealed carry permit, let them carry in the school. Let them have the choice.

That’s all anyone is really saying on the whole “arm teachers” thing. We’re not talking about requiring it, we’re talking about simply allowing it. You know, that whole “freedom” thing.

As for Martin’s post, she did an excellent job of articulating the points surrounding the Parkland shooting from a gun rights perspective. She deserves to be applauded for it, especially as a freshman in high school. Why is it that an articulated, intelligent voice like Martin’s is all but ignored while David Hogg gets applauded for complaining that President Trump doesn’t want to talk and then hanging up when his office reaches out? Why is his voice more important than hers?


Is it because the police actually stopped the attack at Martin’s school by doing their jobs? Hogg’s status as a “victim” makes him more of an expert or something in some people’s minds, but Martin has clearly shown she’s a young voice who should be taken seriously.

After all, she has something to say too.

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