Shannon Watts And The Bigotry Of Identity Politics

Shannon Watts isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. In addition to thinking a bolt-action .22 is a deadly “assault rifle,” the anti-gun crusader also seems to be knee-deep in identity politics. For example, we have her argument that Bethany Mandel, a Jewish mother who has a backstory worthy of Hollywood tragedy, which includes her mother protecting her with a firearm, was only feeling safer with a firearm because of her “white privilege.”

Now, we have this little tidbit:

As noted over at Twitchy:

We read the MMFA transcript of Holton’s remarks and — in all honesty — we didn’t see the sexism. What Watts appears to be taking issue with is Holton’s mockery of her freaking out over a .22 caliber bolt action rifle — mockery she absolutely deserved. Holton concluded with this:

So here’s my message to Ms. Watts, which I would have tweeted to her, but alas anyone who disagrees with her gets blocked: Shannon, maybe you should just be quiet for a little bit. The adults are trying to work here.

Unless “misogyny” has been redefined as “embarrassing me by pointing out dumb things I say and do” we fail to see the misogyny in Holton’s remarks.

In other words, any insult to a woman is automatically misogyny just like any issue with Barack Obama during his presidency was racism. This is the epitome of identity politics.

However, the problem here is that it’s transparent what Watts’ problem is. The issue isn’t that she’s a woman, it’s that she’s incompetent in the debate and has to use the identity card as a “get out of jail free” card. She has nothing to counter Chuck Holton, who was holding her utterly ridiculous tweet up for still more scrutiny and getting a few jabs in at her.

As best as I can tell – which is difficult since I’m one of the legions of people Shannon Watts has blocked through the years – she never stepped back and admitted she was wrong about her tweets. Not the one featuring a scary looking .22 bolt-action, or even a claim that the rifle is just as deadly as a so-called assault rifle. Nothing.

Instead, she has doubled down on the stupid time and time again. She’s content to live in the dumb, but she’s not content to be called out on it. So, in true leftist fashion, she slams down an identity card, which is designed to shut the opposition up.

She uses it because she has nothing else. Her arsenal is bare because, no matter how much she tries to claim otherwise, the facts just don’t support her fantasy worldview in which taking guns out of the hands of private citizens will translate to less crime. I think deep down inside, she knows it. She knows it but doesn’t know how to escape the life she’s living that’s so entwined in her anti-gun crusade.

So, she throws down “woman” and “white privilege” where applicable, all so she can try and save face. For her side, it’ll work. They’ll buy the nonsense because they’ve been conditioned to buy it.

For the rest of America, however, it’s just another anti-gun liberal determined to boss everyone else around while avoiding any and all criticism.