Oregon Measure Could Force Citizens To Register Certain Guns

Time and again, the majority of gun control supporters claim that they’re not coming after our guns. They swear they just want a few “common sense” measures that will reduce gun violence. If you continue to argue that gun control will eventually turn into gun confiscation, they accuse you of wearing tinfoil on your noggin.

But a measure out of Oregon could require some to do pretty much thatIf it gains any steam.

A proposal to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in Oregon has been submitted as a ballot initiative petition intended to prevent mass shootings.

Filed by an interfaith religious group in Portland, Initiative Petition 42 would also require legal gun owners to surrender or register their assault weapons or face felony charges, according to language released Tuesday.

The group said it aims to get enough signatures to put the measure before voters in the November general election. They would need 88,000 signatures by July 6 to get the measure on the ballot.

The proposal defines an assault weapon as any semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine, and any feature like folding or telescoping stock, or that can accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

“A reduction in the availability of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines will promote the public health and safety of the residents of this state,” the initiative petition says.

Military personnel, law enforcement and members of the government could be exempt from the ban.

“This is completely out of hand — I couldn’t believe it,” Oregon Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, told the Statesman Journal Tuesday night. “I’ve been told so many times by people in favor of gun control: ‘no one is coming to take your guns.’ This explicitly comes for your guns.”

Now, it looks like eligible people will be able to keep their guns…kind of.

You see, the proposed law gives a 120-day deadline for registration, and one of the requirements for registration is a background check. For most, this isn’t really an issue. After all, anyone who is going to register a gun is someone who purchased it legally in the first place–which is one problem with this law I’ll get into in a minute–but the proposal doesn’t specify a NICS instant check. That means it’ll take time, and if you’re coming up on that deadline…

There are a ton of problems with this proposal. For one, as noted earlier, the people you’re likely to have a problem with are also people who this measure won’t stop. Those who got their guns illegally won’t register them. For another, what’s to stop someone with a registered weapon from flipping out and shooting up somewhere?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Another issue is that it also calls for registration of high capacity magazines. This is what happens when people who know nothing about guns try to legislate about guns.

You see, for those playing at home, magazines don’t have unique serial numbers. That means registering them will be next to impossible if for no other reason than the fact there’s nothing to tell which magazine is which. Even the military, who wants to account for virtually everything, doesn’t serialize magazines because it’s impractical.

Luckily for citizens of Oregon, as things stand right now, this is a gun grabber’s pipe dream.

This is a ballot initiative that’s just kicking off. It’s not on the ballot and it needs something like 88,000 signatures. Even Oregon’s Democrats aren’t touching this one right now, which is not a good sign for its chances of passage.

It is a good sign for Oregon’s gun owners, however. It means not everyone in their state has lost their freaking mind.

Nov 26, 2021 10:30 AM ET