Chris Cuomo: No One Wants To Repeal The Second Amendment

We’ve long known what the endgame for the gun control crowd is, and that’s complete civilian disarmament. They don’t want us to have guns, save a handful of hunting rifles – maybe. Think Australia. In fact, they continue to tout Australia – a country where the average citizen has a hard time getting a firearm – despite the role our Second Amendment plays.

Which is why some want to repeal it.

Some anti-gunners, like CNN’s Chris Cuomo, are still claiming no one wants to take away our guns, despite evidence to the contrary.

However, Cuomo, as usual, is wrong.

For one thing, John Paul Stevens is far from a nobody. He’s a retired justice of the Supreme Court, a role that, while lacking any real power, is full of influence, especially on matters that deal with the Constitution.

For another, there are quite a few more folks than just Stevens rocking this boat, as RedState‘s Brandon Morse notes:

Yes, they do want to take your guns away. Not just a few guns, or restrictions on magazine sizes, age requirements for purchase, or bans on accessories. They want to ban all of them. All of the guns.

It’s a fact many already knew. For ages, we’ve seen picket sign after speech calling for the banning of firearms and the repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

And all of this while gun owners and 2A rights advocates were told we were crazy for thinking people wanted to come for our guns. We were told that we were paranoid and that all that was wanted were “reasonable” or “common sense” gun laws that would help to prevent violence.

The mask is off.

While some, undoubtedly, do only want a few new laws that they think will stop the next shooting (pro tip: they won’t), we also see a large number who want a full repeal of the Second Amendment. The funny thing? Most of them will acknowledge that the real problem is people, people who are often already banned from possessing a firearm.

They know it. They know it for a fact.

But they somehow believe that legal access to firearms, enjoyed by us law-abiding citizens, is also part of the problem, and that if legal access to these weapons went away, suddenly guns wouldn’t be an issue.

That’s not remotely true, of course. Especially since any attempt to ban the right to keep and bear arms will be met with swift resistance. Oh, we might lose, but for many of us, it’s worth the risk.

Even if we all meekly went along with our disarmament, it wouldn’t solve the problem.

For one thing, there are too many firearms in the hands of criminals as it is. Criminals will continue to get their hands on guns even after we’re all disarmed.

Don’t believe me? Then tell me how they get their hands on heroin and cocaine.

Only a fool believes that repealing the Second Amendment will end gun crime. If anything, it will get worse. But that doesn’t stop some of these people from dreaming about a repeal. They want it, with every fiber of their being.

No. It will not happen.