Tech CEOs Call For Stricter Gun Control Following YouTube Shooting

What happened at YouTube’s headquarters, as bad as it was, could have been a lot worse. As of right now, the only person to die during the attack was the shooter herself. That’s a good thing. It’s a shame others were hurt, but at least they weren’t killed.


She bucked the narrative here by being pretty much the opposite of what we’re told mass shooters are, but so be it. I suspect the real takeaway is that anyone can be crazy enough to go on a shooting rampage.

But that won’t stop tech company CEOs from using this to try and push for more gun control.

High-profile technology executives have called for increased gun control in the wake of the shooting at YouTube’s headquarters that left at least three people injured and the suspect shooter dead

The attack at the Google-owned video service’s headquarters in San Bruno, California Tuesday was allegedly carried out by Nasim Najafi Aghdam, who killed herself after the shooting, according to law enforcement officials.

Technology CEOs including Apple’sTim Cook and Microsoft’sSatya Nadellasent out messages of support, but some went further and called for stricter gun control.

Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey tweeted a link to the March For Our Lives page, a movement that is supporting stricter gun control, in response to a tweet from President Donald Trump.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also tweeted following the incident, sending his support to YouTube and Google using the hashtag #EndGunViolence.


I’m sick of this.

Yes, I’m sick of mass shootings and violence in general, but I’m also sick of people like old Jack here pretending that the only possible solution is one that restricts guns for the average American. Yes, the guy who can afford private security thinks it’ll be just great to make it harder for regular people to gain access to most efficient means of self-defense out there.

This isn’t a binary solution set here. It’s not either pro-gun control or pro-murder, and the fact that gun grabbers not only present that as fact but seem to honestly and truly believe this shows just how little they think about violence. They see a tool, then seek to ban the tool, and forget that the problem is the jackwagon holding the tool. That same jackwagon will simply pick up another tool.

You have to deal with the jackwagons in any given society. If you do that, you can hand out freaking grenade launchers and bazookas and have nary a problem.

But dealing with those jackwagons is hard. It requires research to figure out why jackwagons become jackwagons in the first place. Then it requires discussion on how to curb the things that create jackwagons.


YouTube had all the protections you could want. California has strict gun control. They have assault weapon bans and even require a background check for ammunition now. YouTube’s campus is a great big gun free zone. They were as protected by laws as anywhere in the country, and this still happened.

Laws targeting the tools don’t help. I’m sorry, but they don’t.

We’ve seen it time and time again, but people like these tech CEOs are too dense to understand the reality.

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