London Bans Knives Despite Failure Of Gun Ban

England doesn’t have a Second Amendment of their own, and it’s a pity for the British people. First, they lost their guns. And, as a result, violent crime skyrocketed.


London, despite having a murder rate now higher than New York City’s, isn’t backing down, though. No, they’re doubling down–on the stupid.

They’re now banning the carry of knives.

London’s Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to assume a mayor’s role for a major Western city, thinks he’s found the cause of the uptick in stabbings his community’s seen in recent times — wayward knives.

And as such, he’s banned the carrying of knives in the city. In the city where migration counts have escalated in recent times, by the way. Coincidence? To Khan — apparently.

He’s put out this message to all the knife-carriers of the city: Leave the blades at home. All violators will be arrested — they will not pass Go but instead, be sent right to Jail. Not to make Monopoly light of the situation — but really, what kind of game is this mayor playing?

“No excuses,” Khan tweeted. “[T]here is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.”

His message came as London recorded more homicides than the comparatively-sized New York, a historical first. By the numbers, London’s suffered 50 homicides already this year, most of which have been stabbed. Why? ‘Cause guns are already pretty much outlawed in London so the murderous-minded need to find a different weapon.

Just goes to show what conservatives and Second Amendment advocates have been saying for some time: It’s not the gun, stupid.

Let’s assume this knife ban reduces the number of stabbing murders in London. I don’t think it will, but let’s play along for a moment and pretend it will. What then?


Well, you’ll have more people killed by blunt force trauma, or screwdrivers, or something else they can be stabbed with.

Criminals don’t become criminals because certain tools are available. They make use of the tools available to them. If they can get guns, they use guns. If they can’t, they use knives, clubs, hammers, screwdrivers, cars, fists, harsh language, whatever they can.

You will never outlaw all the tools a criminal can use to ply his trade. It’s not physically possible.

But what you can do is make it difficult for a private citizen to have the means to defend themselves. Then again, England’s not too fond of that one either. Unfortunately for them, it’s a basic human right. We have a right to defend our lives from attack, and I refuse to give that up. The British people need to speak up and protect that sacred right, as well.

However, the fact that Khan has gotten away with a ban on the carrying of knives, something that many in this nation see as an essential tool to carry every day, tells us that Londoners may already be too cowed to respond to anything.

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