NYC Criminal Justice Deputy Arrested For Illegal Handgun

It isn’t easy to get a gun in New York City. Most don’t even bother to do it legally. They know they’ll never be allowed to jump through all the various hoops required.

Criminals, however, get their hands on them all the time. This is a simple fact.

Apparently, it’s a simple fact that high ranking city government officials sometimes get guns the exact same way.

This de Blasio administration official set one heckuva bad example for the teens she was hired to keep out of jail.

Reagan Stevens, a deputy director in the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, and two young men were arrested for illegal weapons possession while sitting in a double-parked car near the scene of a Saturday night shooting in Queens, cops said.

A loaded, 9mm semi-automatic pistol with its serial number defaced was hidden in the car’s glovebox, and there was a spent shell casing on the floor near Stevens’ feet in the rear of the 2002 dark red Infiniti SUV, law enforcement sources said.

The trio’s arrest followed a burst of five gunshots that activated an NYPD “ShotSpotter” device in Jamaica at 9:42 p.m. Saturday, sources said.

The listening device pinpointed the shooting at 174th Street and 109th Avenue, and private surveillance video captured the muzzle flashes of five shots fired from the Infiniti, sources said.

The handgun seized by cops has an eight-round magazine and held three cartridges — two in the magazine and one in the chamber, sources said.

Stevens, 42, and the two men — who cops say also had knives on them — were awaiting arraignment Sunday night in Queens Criminal Court, where her mom, Deborah Stevens Modica, has been a judge since her appointment in 1997.

Her stepdad, Salvatore Modica, is an acting Queens Supreme Court justice. They both declined to comment.

Well, isn’t this special?

It’s interesting that this is someone who is well connected. Both her mother and stepfather are judges, she’s a fairly high ranking city official, and she was found with an illegal firearm.

Realistically, it probably belonged to one of the two yahoos she was arrested with rather than her, but Stevens will be facing some hard questions about what she was doing in that vehicle with those two men. She’ll also have to answer why she didn’t get out of the car and notify the police when she learned what was transpiring.

Either way, I suspect her time working for Mayor de Blasio has come to an abrupt and sudden end.

The odd thing is, Stevens is the kind of person you’d think of as being able to get her hands on a gun legally in New York. She’s connected enough that you’d think it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Then again, we don’t know if she ever pursued getting a gun legally.

What we do know is what the police are telling us, that Stevens–someone who sounds like a highly placed aid in the mayor’s office–was found with the very kind of gun that supposedly can be stopped from existing thanks to the policies the mayor supports.

Talk about an inconvenient truth.