Slide Fire To Stop Taking Orders


For a company that’s done absolutely nothing wrong, Slide Fire can certainly be termed as “embattled.” Every since the atrocity in Las Vegas on October 1 was first attributed to the use of a bump stock, Slide Fire has been in the crosshairs.


Now, the company has announced what many of us feared was inevitable.

Embattled Texas-based Slide Fire Solutions announced on their website this week that they will no longer accept orders for their products next month and will shut down their website.

The company, the primary manufacturer of bump stock devices in the country, said in a notice that their website will go dark at midnight on May 20, with orders placed prior to that date processed and shipped.

“We thank you for your support,” said the statement simply.

The company, who holds itself as the “sole patent holder of bump fire technology” with numerous patents registered, is a defendant in numerous lawsuits over the use of bump fire stocks at the Route 91 Harvest shooting last October that left 58 dead and some 850 others injured. This came in conjunction with a flood of efforts, both legislative and regulatory, to ban the stocks and a host of other trigger devices at the federal, local and state level.

As a result, people are now going to have to look for new jobs and a small town in Texas will be left to pick up the pieces, a small town that stood by the company despite the turmoil.

Maybe that was because they knew that the Las Vegas massacre wasn’t the fault of anyone at Slide Fire, only the maniac who thought shooting up a concert would be a fun way to spend a Sunday night in Vegas. They understood that you don’t blame the innocent for the acts of the evil.

But a lot of people don’t. They want to end the hard work of those at Slide Fire because the product scares the crap out of them. Nevermind that bump stocks aren’t essential to bump fire. No, that doesn’t matter at all, not to those who think this is somehow good news.


As our nation is so divided in this day and age, I’ve started trying really hard to think of people as “opponents” rather than “enemies.” It helps me to think of them as people who just differ in their opinions but not some evil, shadowy group that needs to be destroyed.

Then I come across a story like this one.

It’s damn hard to not think of people like this as an enemy when they care nothing for the people they’re putting out of work, the lives they’ve destroyed, all because they think a lawful product is too scary to be legal. It’s hard not to think of them as evil when you look at the real ramifications of their actions, ramifications they don’t give two farts in a dust storm about.

Real people were impacted by this. Gun grabbers will scream, “What about the people impacted by the Las Vegas shooting?”

Yes, those are real people too, but the people at Slide Fire aren’t responsible for that. They never were. They’re being punished for the acts of another, and that’s beyond ridiculous. It’s evil.

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