Two Florida Police Officers Killed In Ambush

Being a police officer is a job with inherent risks. Most officers understand those risks. Officers are killed responding to domestic disputes or pulling over dangerous people without even realizing it. It’s a tough job.


However, in Trenton, Florida, two police officers were apparently ambushed and murdered simply because of the badge they wear.

Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office deputies fatally shot in an ambush at a Chinese restaurant in Trenton, Florida, were remembered as “the best of the best” and officers who were men of integrity and loyalty.

A statement from the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Department indicated the shootings were completely unprovoked and that the deputies were executed through a window as they simply sat there eating a meal. The double shooting occurred in Trenton, Florida.


I can’t disagree with Schultz.

Look, bad cops deserve to be called out. They should be called out and prosecuted if appropriate. But we should all strive to remember that a lot of officers are good people who are just trying to help folks.

But police officers have been demonized to a significant degree. It’s okay now to hate the police. There are places trying to disarm their police, for crying out loud. They’ve been called everything except decent human beings.

And now two are dead, gunned down while eating lunch.

What remains to be seen is whether this is an isolated event or part of something bigger. Immediately after the Dallas Police Shooting, there were several more ambush-style killings of law enforcement officers. Eventually, it all died down. Thankfully. Or at least seemed to.

Was this a delayed follow-on to that series of police murders? Or is this an attempt to spark it back up? Or was this something else entirely?

Police officers make enemies simply by doing their jobs well. It’s entirely possible this is personal. Maybe these two deputies arrested the killer at some point for something and he’s holding a grudge.


In the grand scheme, I’m not sure it matters. Two officers are dead today, and they shouldn’t be.

Folks, blue lives do matter. I don’t give a damn what the left wants to tell you on this. Those lives matter because they’re people, people with families and friends, and all those people are now having to deal with the loss.

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