Nation's Priorities Have Little To Do With Guns

Anti-gun activists love to point to polls that show majority support for gun control. “It’s the will of the people,” they shriek–or some variation of that, at least. They continue to act like gun control is something that will win elections for their side simply because of this.


However, it looks like that while there is majority support for gun control–for now, at least–that it’s far from the voters’ top priority in this election cycle.

If the mainstream media headlines were to be believed, Americans overwhelmingly support gun control as a top priority to stop the violent misuse of firearms by criminals.

Survey data reveals a reality that contradicts the media narrative. Just this week, a new Gallup poll showed that only 6 percent of Americans point to gun control and gun violence as a top concern. Despite all the headlines and despite recent tragedies that have spurred much attention to guns, rather than to the obvious problems of mental health and criminal justice, Americans do not buy into the story told by news outlets.

Most Democrats Don’t See Top Concern

Even among Democrats, gun control ranks as a top concern for only 8 percent of them. Many gun control advocates have pointed to the Parkland tragedy as a tipping point for their campaigns to add more restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, seizing on the incident to raise money and as a political talking point. Yet, comparing the April survey results to those from a March Gallup survey, mentions of guns or gun control fell by over half.


In February, that was less than one percent. In March, it skyrocketed to a whole 13 percent.

Yeah, a lot of people may think gun control is a good idea, but most of them don’t think it’s enough of a reason to vote for someone. That’s why gun control is rarely a winning strategy on the campaign trail. Sure, people may support the same policies, but they’re not convinced by all the other policies the gun control candidates are espousing, so they lose.

But why is that? Didn’t Parkland change all that? Not really.

You see, people may think an assault weapon ban is a good idea, but they also know that these events are still pretty rare. They see these acts and think, “I’d like to see them stopped.” Then they listen to the mainstream media pundits who all opine about how we need gun control, but then they take a look at the world around them.

Most folks don’t see gun violence all the time. Many can remember it being far, far worse than it is today. They see that and then see all the other problems we’re dealing with and, guess what? They think those other problems might be a tad more important.


Frankly, nothing is going to change in that regard.

March’s spike was based on emotion and little else. That’s why it drops so fast. It’s why all we ever need to do when the anti-gun drums beat is just to wait it out.

Their support will evaporate and, eventually, all will return as it was. All that will be left is Shannon Watts and her sputtering that few people will hear because she’s already blocked them all on Twitter.

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