Do Guns And Gender Equality Really Go Together? Yep, It's True.

Can guns help with equality of the sexes? Depending on who you ask, you’re going to get different answers. But typically, those who spend most of their time lamenting any alleged gender equality are the ones who eschew the use of guns for anything. Ever.


However, guns can be the great equalizer when it comes to a physical attack.

Townhall columnist Marina Medvin has something to offer on the subject. You see, she plays out a hypothetical conversation about female empowerment with third-wave feminists, which turns out to be hilarious because it’s true. Basically, they want empowerment in places that are fairly trivial, but forget about the real world where women are far more likely to be victims of horrible crimes than men.

Then Medvin picks it up.

And so the conversation with liberals alleging the protection of women ends. Without answers and without logical congruity.

But the question persists: how does a petite female get equal standing in a fight?

The answer is simple. Get the Great Equalizer, as I call it. Get a gun.

Anecdotally, according to my 23andMe genetic test results, I’m related to Napoleon! He was also tiny but mighty. That is, when he had a gun and an army of people with guns behind him. For you see, no matter your height or weight, if you have a firearm, you become a great opponent.

So while I may be easy to beat at 104 lbs of mass, I am all of a sudden a beast when you add a handgun with a loaded magazine into that equation. Add in a handgun and now I’m empowered. No matter how manly you are and how feminine I am, no matter how big you are and how small I am, my gun gives me equal chance in a fight between us

That’s my answer to the question of gender equality – it is the ability to arm myself and give myself a fighting chance against anyone who wants to come hither against my wishes.



While small guys can, theoretically, lift weights and get stronger, women will never really be as strong as men, on average. There’s an upper end on what women can generally achieve strength-wise.

But a gun makes that irrelevant. If a 120 lbs woman is attacked by a 200 lbs guy, she is in fear of her life. I don’t think a jury on this planet would see it otherwise. In such a case, the gun takes size out of the equation. It simply makes that 120 lbs female (or whatever weight she might be) more than a match for the hardened felon.

If you really want to make it so women never have to fear a man again, arm them. I promise, if enough women were armed and willing to use force when necessary, women would become far less attractive targets, and the criminal would move on to something else…like working for the IRS. Similar skill set and goal, but far more legal.

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