Hornady Takes Stand Against Bullying State Of New York

Let’s be honest here, the battle lines have already been drawn. As people like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seeks to pressure banks into not doing business with the firearm industry, the firearm industry needs to have some kind of response. Realistically, they’re limited in what they can do. It’s not like anyone in the gun industry has the power to tell banks not to do business with the State of New York.


But Hornady is on the right track.

Today, the State of New York did one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state by asking New York banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry.

While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the State of NY or any NY agencies. Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They should be ashamed.

-Steve Hornady, president of Hornady Manufacturing Company

This looks like a drop in the bucket. However, think for a moment what would happen if every company in the firearm industry stepped up and followed Steve Hornady’s lead?

While Andrew Cuomo may like to think he’s holding all the cards, he’s not.

He’s protected by people who need guns and ammunition. Multiple state agencies need guns and ammunition, as well. What happens when, because of his comments and his push to destroy the gun industry, they can’t get the resources they need? What then?

Oh, someone will sell to them…at exorbitant prices that keep the retaliatory aspect intact. The law of supply and demand will come into play, after all. If you’re the only one who will sell to them, and they absolutely need it, you can name your own price.

It’s important to note that Hornady’s decision isn’t exactly unique. Barrett made a similar move years ago with the state of California. No one followed then, but we live in a different world today.


Today, we’re fighting for our lives. There are moves at every angle to try and stick a knife in the heart of the firearm industry as anti-gunners have become desperate to kill our Second Amendment rights. They’ve decided that if they can’t take out the Second Amendment, they’d at least make it impossible for firearm-related companies to do business.

Well, two can play that game.

Everyone needs to follow the lead of Hornady on this. In an industry that embraces the concept of self-defense, doing things like this make sense. This is self-defense. This is protecting your right to exist from someone who doesn’t believe you have that right. Andrew Cuomo is the proverbial thug in an alley threatening the life of the industry. The question is, do companies blink, or do they shoot back?

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