Glock To Offer Engraved G43 For One Millionth Manufactured

(Photo courtesy of Glock)

To call the Glock 43 a popular gun is to say that people sort of post cat videos on the internet. For those who like subcompact firearms, the G43 is pretty much the gold standard.


In fact, the gun is so popular, Glock is closing in on its millionth G43 made. To celebrate the occasion, they’re offering something special, a one-of-a-kind engraved model of the popular single-stack 9mm.

“Glock customers are at the heart of everything that we do and this campaign celebrates the Glock family that has made one million Glock 43 pistols in only three years possible,” said Glock VP Josh Dorsey.

For a chance to take the one-of-a-kind G43 home, Glock fans have to post a photo demonstrating what “Glock means to you” using the #IamGlock hashtag on Instagram or Twitter or stop by the company’s booth at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas and have their picture taken. Those who choose the latter will become part of Glock’s live picture mosaic creation encapsulating the event.

The promo runs through May 6 at 1 pm EST. Full rules can be read here.

The gun is beautiful. While I’m not generally a fan of single-stack 9mm pistols, this is one I would be proud to own. In fact, I kind of wish this was a model for sale rather than a prize that won’t be replicated.

(Photo courtesy of Glock)

I’m not going to lie, that’s a beautiful gun. Unlike a lot of Glocks, it has some personality.

No, I’m not knocking Glocks. My primary gun is a Glock 19, for crying out loud, and since I’m a civilian, I bought what I wanted rather than what is issued to me. I like Glocks.

But they’re kinda “meh” in the looks department. All except this one.


It’s a worthy celebration for a popular firearm that has helped hundreds of thousands of people feel safer as they go about their day in this world. I advise you to check out the rules and, if you’re eligible, show your Glock Pride and maybe you’ll be the lucky schmuck to bring one of these bad boys home.

If not, well…you can always find someone to engrave your slide in a similar way. Sure, you’ll have to spend your own money for it, but honestly, isn’t it worth it?

Okay, I’m not sure because I haven’t priced it, but looking at this one, I might just start asking around for suggestions.

In the meantime, the regular Glock 43 will do wonders for you if you’re interested in the single-stack 9mm for personal defense. It might not be a pretty, but it’ll run like a Glock and not weigh a ton while you carry it either.

The Glock 43 debuted at the NRA’s annual meeting in 2015 and since then has become a major player in the market. While it wasn’t the first single-stack 9mm subcompact handgun by any stretch of the imagination, it reinvigorated interest in that kind of firearm. Now, the single-stack 9mm is one of the fastest growing segments of the firearm market.

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