Georgetown Student Calls For More Guns On Campus

We routinely see evidence that guns save lives. However, anti-gunners also routinely ignore that evidence and instead go on their feelings about how guns are bad. Either that or they’ll use studies with poor methodology that count everyone who has a gun as the same, not differentiating between criminals and law-abiding citizens.

But at Georgetown University, at least one student recognizes the reality. As a result, she’s fighting not just to be permitted to carry a gun with a concealed carry permit on campus, but also to arm Georgetown campus police.

At least one student at Georgetown University has the right perspective regarding how guns deter crime, and she is asking the college administration to take steps to ensure student safety by expanding Second Amendment freedoms.

“Laws restricting gun ownership will not prevent gun violence or end school shootings. For our safety, Georgetown University should arm campus police and the D.C. Council should allow students to carry firearms on campuses,” Amelia Irvine wrote in an open letter to The Hoya, the student newspaper.

That plea comes in the aftermath of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, which has prompted relentless calls for gun control across the nation, even at a relatively safe university in New York, where students are saying campus police should be disarmed, which would leave students vulnerable to more crime.

Irvine has a more sensible understanding of things, pointing out that a recent walkout by pro-gun control students at her campus does nothing to make the campus safer, but “allowing students and Georgetown University Police Department officers to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms will.”

Apparently, campus cops are only permitted to wear a vest and carry a baton and pepper spray.

Yeah, that’ll come in handy when you’re facing down an active shooter armed with a rifle. Sure, the vest might protect the officer…for a moment. But it won’t do much for long.

But if the officer was armed, as well as any percentage of the student body, then such attacks become far less effective–if they even happen.

After all, I’ve argued that the mere presence of armed citizens will often deter a mass shooting from ever happening there in the first place. Shooters actively look for targets were armed good guys will be at a minimum. Schools are often targeted for just this reason.

And we see how well gun-free zones at schools have worked so far.

What Irvine is calling for is completely sensible and practical. Frankly, the idea of arming police shouldn’t even be controversial, but it is. However, police have difficulty doing their job if they don’t have the tools for that job, and if you want your campus to be kept safe, you need a firearm on the officers’ belts.

Then, you need armed students and faculty milling about the campus. You need more than enough force to meet any threat short of armed invasion, but if you’ve got enough for that, so much the better.

That is how you keep mass shooters off your campus.