Firearm Distributor Acusport Filing For Bankruptcy

While people are buying guns in record numbers, it doesn’t seem to be helping a lot of companies in the firearm industry. Vista Outdoors is having trouble, for one. It’s not alone.


Now, firearm distributor Acusport is filing for bankruptcy.

To get TFB readers and gun consumers up to speed, Acusport Corporation is a distributor of firearms and related accessories within the US. They are one of a handful of distributors who assist manufacturers in getting their products to retailers and eventually to you, the consumer.

Acusport, like all of us, had rode the tumultuous roller coaster that has been the gun industry the last 10 years. It has now come to a tipping point where a culmination of factors has forced them to voluntarily file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Over the last year we have seen many manufacturers down-grade their workforce, trade hands and even go under completely. Sadly, Acusport has followed suit, but they are receiving a potential lifeline from Ellett Brothers, LLC.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the company to reorganize and still, ultimately, remain in business, which is good for its customers.

While many stores use multiple distributors, some small ones may only use an outfit like Acusport. By staying in business, these stores have some much-needed breathing room. It can still get guns for sale.


It may want to line up another distributor just in case, mind you, but it’ll still be able to sell guns in the meantime.

However, Acusport seems to acknowledge that there may well be some hiccups along the way and that these hiccups might cause problems with distribution. That is not good for these smaller stores, which is why, again, it might be a good idea for them to line up another couple of distributors.

Of course, this does lead me to ask just what the hell is going on in the firearm industry.

On the one hand, all evidence leads us to believe there’s not really any “Trump Slump” happening. We’re seeing guns being sold left and right. NICS checks, the accepted proxy for gun sales, keep increasing.

But on the other hand, Acusport joins Remington in filing for bankruptcy, despite this supposed buying frenzy. While I get that everyone expected a higher demand if Hillary Clinton was elected and prepared accordingly, it’s not like people aren’t buying guns. How “prepared” did these companies get in the first place?


The dichotomy of the two facts still seems to make little sense. Great gun sales for the past year should have picked up any slack from overstocking for a Hillary win, but companies are still struggling. It’s enough to confuzzle anyone on the outside looking in.

In the meantime, let’s hope Acusports gets its house in order and customers never notice a problem. The Second Amendment means little if people can’t get guns. Having the right to do something only matters if you also have the means, and with firearms that means being able to buy them. If Acusport’s customers have difficulty getting stock, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how that impacts people’s access to firearms.

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