More Dumb Training That Needs To Die

When people are trying to learn how to be effective with their firearms, but are trying to do so on a budget, they often turn to YouTube. To be sure, there’s a lot of great information on YouTube, even if the website isn’t the most gun friendly platform out there.


However, there are some really dumb things on there as well. I’m talking about the kind of things that should justify a brisk smack on the head to anyone who does this kind of crap.

Case in point:

Now, let’s be clear here. This isn’t training for your average armed citizen. This sounds like it’s from a country where they don’t actually have those, for one thing.

For another, this is apparently something taught as part of a protective detail for VIPs. I guess South America has a lot of reason to shoot AR-platform weapons from the back of a motorcycle all the time?

Seriously, I don’t really see any advantage to this kind of nonsense, even in the context. For one thing, the bike slows down so much that there’s absolutely no reason to not just get off the blasted thing, handle the weapon properly, and put your shots on target. As it stands, I can easily see 5.56 rounds flying all over the place as the motorcycle rides in and an excited shooter firing a rifle one-handed ends up spraying rounds everywhere.

Also, note how the shooter sweeps pretty much everyone behind the firing line as he brings his weapon up after the bike has already completed its turn. Yes, stupid.

I mean, I tend to have a “you do you” approach to stuff, but my concern is that someone out there will see this, think, “Hey, my buddy has a dirt bike. I should try this out on Uncle Joe’s farm.”


No. Just…no.

If whoever this is wants to do this kind of crap, I can’t stop them. However, you’re reading this. You should know better.

For one thing, most of us won’t be riding behind someone on a motorcycle while providing close protection to some VIP, so there’s that. For another, there’s little about this video that shouldn’t make you cringe. While dynamic movement on the range is good–you’re not going to stand still in a gunfight either, now are you?–this is the wrong kind of movement.

Further, it looks like the doctrine itself may well require the unsafe act of sweeping people behind the line with the muzzle of the weapon after completing the drill.

I can say with confidence that any class you take here in the United States will teach you a different way to similar situations. This smacks of Hollywood Wannabe-ism rather than anything remotely professional.

This is yet another example of someone training in a manner that just needs to die. Horribly.

Especially before someone watching the training gets killed. Horribly.

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