What Reactions To A Maryland Sign Tells You About Anti-Gunners

President Donald Trump may well be the most controversial president in history. Yes, much of that has to do with such a blatantly biased media that wants to make everything into a scandal (remember when Trump got *gasp* two scoops of ice-cream?). Much of it stems from Trump’s apparent enjoyment in poking the media left and right through his Twitter account.


Regardless, there are people who were ready to start impeachment proceedings prior to Trump’s inauguration, and those feelings haven’t changed. On and on they go, trying to find excuses to remove the 45th president from office, oblivious to the possible ramifications.

However, in Maryland, someone decided to warn motorists that if they want to try anything like that, they might have a fight on their hands, literally.

Unsurprisingly, leftists are a bit bent out of shape about that.

It’s not uncommon to see political signs dotting the roadways; it’s an election year, after all.

But one political sign in Maryland’s Calvert County has residents doing a double take.

“Hey liberals,” it reads. “Better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump. From all of your deplorables in Calvert County.”

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office told CNN it’s received multiple calls since the sign went up a month ago.

“It’s been blowing up from both sides, take it down and leave it up,” Captain Dave Payne said.

Since it’s on private property, there really isn’t anything the sheriff’s office can do.

“We contacted the state’s attorney and they said while it’s controversial, it’s probably not illegal,” Payne said.


It’s not. There is no threat of violence, only a warning that violence may well occur if anti-Trump activists try to remove the president from office. Yes, it’s a fine line, but it’s still there and hasn’t been crossed.

However, it reminds me of one of the more amusing aspects of the anti-gun zealots running around. You see, to a one, they despise President Trump. They hate him with the burning fire of a thousand suns. They don’t seem to get that if they get their way, they’ll make it so that people like Trump will be in charge of pretty much all the guns.


“Oh, but the National Guard answers to the governors,” someone might try and argue, and they’d be right. Sort of.

You see, the National Guard has multiple allegiances. While the governor can call them up for natural disasters and civil unrest, they’re also beholden to Uncle Sam. After all, where do you think all that hardware comes from? They aren’t picking it up surplus from the Salvation Army, that’s for sure.


That means the National Guard is also beholden to Trump’s Department of Defense, which means Trump is in their chain of command.

All these people want to #Resist, but they’re also ready to dump the most effective means of resistance available. It’s one thing to want to disarm your enemies. It’s another to disarm yourself while actively opposing a president you think of as “literally Hitler” and a tyrant. That’s just a special brand of stupid.

No, they want to relegate guns to the military, which they tend to hate, and the police, which they also hate these days. All the groups they despise are the very same ones they want to remain armed while they, the supposedly law-abiding citizen who will harm no one, should be disarmed at all costs.

I can’t help but wonder if these folks really thought this out.

Who am I kidding? I’m not wondering at all. I already know the answer.

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