Family Claims Florida Men Were Set Up In Home Invasion

Last month, a handful of men were arrested after one of their buddies was killed in what police describe as a home invasion. Allegedly, the men busted into the home and were met with a whole lot of pain in the form of an AR-15.

One of the men was killed while others were injured.

Now, unsurprisingly, the families of the arrested are claiming their loved ones are innocent.

Since then, the five men arrested have gotten attorneys, and aren’t speaking to police. However, the families of the men charged with the crime told News4Jax they were set up and lured into the home.

“My son is gone, and two are locked up over a lie because it did not happen the way these boys said it did,” Tina Lauramore, Cory Lauramore’s mother, said.

Lauramore’s two other sons are in jail — arrested after the shootout. She said she’s uncovered proof online showing the men were lured into the home.

“We just keep getting all this information and evidence and giving it to the people we’re supposed to be giving it to,” Lauramore said. “It’s like nothing is being done.”

The Sheriff’s Office is backing its arrest of the men, saying it appears to be a self-defense or stand-your-ground case. But Liza Watkins disagrees. Her son Christian was also arrested after the shootout, and she’s hoping he gets justice.

Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time believing Lauramore. After all, everyone who is ever arrested is a good boy who didn’t do anything wrong in the mind of his mother. It’s to the point that no one is willing to believe anyone pulling that line.

Lauramore’s claims just don’t evoke any desire to assume she’s telling the truth. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Further, she’s also claiming the Sheriff’s Office is ignoring all this evidence she supposedly has for some reason, which makes no sense. If the evidence is legitimate, it’ll get these guys off without a problem. The last thing the Sheriff’s Office wants is for something like that to happen. Why arrest the wrong guys in something like this?

Plus, it assumes the physical evidence doesn’t support what the other crowd claims, that these guys busted into the house with murderous intent. That would have been the first thing they looked for before making any arrests.

What is Lauramore’s play here? I don’t know that she has one. She may well look at the evidence through a biased lens and simply be looking to prove her babies are innocent, but not in any malicious way. Who knows, she may actually be the one mother making this claim that’s right.

From here, it’s difficult to say, though I think my own inclination is clear.

What I do know is that far too often, the people locked up are presented like innocent angels to an unskeptical public who then has a tendency to get upset over this supposed travesty of justice.

The fact is, these men will have their day in court. If this evidence proves anything, they’ll walk. If not, then Lauramore can keep pretending her babies are innocent, but it’ll be a lot harder to convince other people of that.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon of “my baby didn’t do nothin’!” will continue unabated.