David Hogg's House Swatted While Teen Was In Washington

Unfortunately, we know the name David Hogg all too well. The loudmouthed, foul-mouthed recent high school graduate has felt it was his place to tell the rest of us just which rights we can enjoy and which are just too dangerous for regular folks, despite the fact that he still hasn’t had to pay a single bill or anything else in his life.


He’s annoyed the hell out of us for the last few months, that’s for sure. However, that doesn’t justify what happened at his home yesterday.

A hoax call to police was reported Tuesday morning at the Florida home of Parkland activist David Hogg, county officials said, but the student turned national figure vowed to not let the incident “take our focus.”

Someone called authorities at 8:39 a.m. claiming there was a barricaded person at Hogg’s Parkland home, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

SWAT officers responded but found no one home, the sheriff’s office said.

Such hoax calls — also known as “swatting” — are intended to bring about a big police response.

Hogg, who is out of town, said the hoax at his home “was just a silly prank.”

“It’s not going to take our focus off what we’re super excited about; the March for Our Lives bus tour to get young people to vote and promote gun law reform,” he told ABC News Tuesday.

No, you noxious twit, it’s not a “silly prank.” Swatting is dangerous. It’s meant to be. It’s an attempted homicide by cop, for crying out loud. Unless, of course, Hogg knows something the rest of us don’t.


You see, there’s been some speculation that Hogg or someone in his camp arranged this for attention. For example, J. Kb. over at Gun Free Zone noted:

Accuse me of being paranoid or feeding into conspiracy theories but this seems very fishy.

Of all the times to get swatted, it’s when he KNOWS everyone he loves will be out of the house.

He’s apparently not angry over the fact that someone might have sent the BSO to kill him.

Me thinks he needed some more victim cred.

I don’t disagree. It seems… convenient.

Look, if it was someone on our “side” who did this, I want them in prison for this. I want to beat Hogg and his fellow travelers, but I want to beat them the right way. I want to discredit their ideas and prove them to be emotionally driven idiots who haven’t got the first clue how to deal with the issue of violence in our schools and communities.

But it does seem awfully convenient that this happened when there was literally no one at his home. No one at all.

Not only that, but he’s not remotely upset that someone basically tried to kill him. No, it’s just a “silly prank.”

It’s also a chance for him to pimp his senior trip on someone else’s dime masquerading as a political bus tour. After all, he’s got to pay for that trip somehow, right?


I’m not saying that this was a publicity stunt. I’m not. I’m just saying that there’s certainly reason to think the possibility exists.

Regardless of who did it, whether it was someone on Team Hogg or Team Gun Rights, they need to be found, arrested and sent to prison. Swatting isn’t something to screw around with. People have died. More people will die if this keeps on going.

Hogg can think it’s a “silly prank” one way or the other, but if he and his didn’t call it in themselves, then this just illustrates how pathetic the kid’s judgment really is.

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